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living wage:

A wage that is high enough to maintain a normal standard of living.

Minimum Wage:

• the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement


• the state of being extremely poor


• Increase in prices and fall in purchasing

low income workers:

• low incomes often result from low hourly wages at contingent, short hours or temporary jobs


• Agreement of political parties that oppose each other's policies


• a situation in which no progress is possible

What will raising minimum wage help with?

Minimum wage can open a lot of new job opportunities, many people will finally have enough to support their families, lastly this increase will bring many people out of poverty. Sam Harnett from KQED news stated, “These higher wages mean more money for low-income workers, who could then support themselves better than they used to.” Rise of minimum wage could also bring people out of poverty. Fast Co exist also stated,” The raise would lift 5-6 million people out of poverty.” People also think that if we raise the minimum wage that this will result in a lot of people losing their jobs.

Will the raise of minimum wage make people lose their jobs?

Many articles have many different opinions about minimum wage and a lot of other people disagree for the raise of minimum wage because they think this will result in jobs lost. Many people feel like this raise will just be a negative effect on employment, according to KQED News, “raising prices will have a negative effect on employment.” Another quote stated by an article that thinks raising the minimum wage isn’t such a good idea, The Morning Telegraph, “The minimum wage hikes across the country will doom future jobs.” The Morning Telegraph also did an experiment on this and found out that, while a lot of workers got paid more because of the raise in minimum wage a lot of other workers lost their jobs because of this rise. This experiment was done in Oregon Washington because of their raise in minimum wage recently. The majority of the people also believe that if the wage goes up it'll make companies and businesses want to raise their prices of goods ans services just to get more money from these purchases.

# of jobs that will be lost due to the raise

The author makes a choice by stating multiple times in the article and finding people state that If minimum wage will increase the number of unemployed people will rise as well and there will be fewer jobs. He is trying to inform us on this and the effect that this has on the reader he/she is going to think harder about the benefits and negatives of raising the minimum wage. The rise of minimum wage might not be a benefit at how everybody looks at it but more of a problem for the people in the world.

will the rise of minimum wage make prices of goods, services, etc. go up?

According to Sam Harnett who worked for many news sources and also for the last five years he has been researching technology and capitalism, “Increase in minimum wage can make companies raise their prices and because of this they may lose a lot of their customers.” Minimum wage will also just increase prices of their products, a news source by the new of KQED states the fact, “They will have no choice but to raise prices. That in turn will drive away customers, reducing the number of employees needed. This second quote is different from the first because its saying because of this raise companies may just use computers instead of actual customers to do their jobs instead. Many people wonder if soon all of the states will raise their minimum wage.

will every state raise their minimum wage in the future?

A lot of states are expecting to raise their minimum wage at the beginning of this new year and that might bring many new benefits for people this new year. A lot of new states are going to be raising their minimum wage very soon, The Morning Telegraph states, “Approximately 40 states around the country will be raising their minimum wage in the beginning of 2017.” Another article by the name of "Minimum Wage Set To Rise In 19 States" by The Hill also stated that many states are going to raise the wage in the beginning of this new year. These two pieces relate to each other because they both talk about that minimum wage is getting more attention in states and is happening now. A lot of studies have been done on if a state raises their minimum wage then their crime rates will start dropping.

Raising the minimum wage would reduce crime?

First off raising the minimum wage would reduce crime, according to a study by the Executive Office of the President's Council of Economic Advisors, "higher wages for low-income individuals reduce crime by providing viable and sustainable employment… raising the minimum wage to $12 by 2020 would result in a 3 to 5 percent crime decrease (250,000 to 540,000 crimes) and a societal benefit of $8 to $17 billion dollars." Also raising the wage would reduce crime because there has been studies on it already, An article by the name of "raise the minimum wage, reduce crime" by The Atlantic, stated in 2013 that living wage ordinances "lead to modest reductions in expected robbery, burglary, larceny, and MVT [motor vehicle theft] rates."


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