Wooden Tip Toys why wood you go anywhere else?

Wooden Tip Toys is an up and coming wooden toy company that makes and sells children's wood toys, ranging from small children up to young adults. We currently have two establishments situated across the world, one is based in the United Kingdom (UK) and the other one is based in Germany

We believe that there is a place in the market for our business to become a leader in its field because we have the best crafts men and women creating the best products in the wooden toy industry. Every toy is hand crafted to perfection giving it that extra special touch.

A building block for children to improve their problem solving skills and hand eye coordination

We currently specialize in producing small wooden toys including toy trains, airplanes, building blocks, puzzles, statues, dolls and animals. But we have recently started to manufacture bigger wooden products that include rocking horses, scooters, kitchen sets and another larger items.

There was a recent study done by "The Independent" of the 12 best wooden toys currently on the market. We are in the process of manufacturing 4 of them products and the other 8 we currently sell. Below is the link http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/kids/outside-toys-activities/best-wooden-toys-kids-children-christmas-a6737686.html

Above is a video of some of the items that are currently being manufactured and sold in Germany

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