The Ocean By Michael Shottes

Why can't we drink sea water? WE can't drink sea water because it has salt in it which dehydrates us in stead of hydrating us.
Why is the ocean important to life on earth? The oceans are important because they create tides and provide a source of food for us. The oceans also produce more than half the oxygen in the atmosphere.
How ocean current is related to earth's climate? The ocean helps heat earth because it acts as a giant solar panel storing heat.
There are five zones in the ocean. The first zone is the sunlight zone which is from the surface and goes down 656 feet, there are many plants and fish such as seals turtles and sharks. The next zone is the twilight zone which goes from 656 ft to 3,280 ft, there is very dim light and no plants grow but there are jellyfish octopus and squid. The next zone is the midnight zone and it starts at 3,280 ft and goes to 13,123 ft, here there is no sunlight and some of the fishes here are viper fish, angler fish, eel and tripod fish. The next zone is the abyss this zone starts at 13,123 and goes to 19,685 ft, some fish at this depth are blind shrimp and hag fish, the abyss is often known as the deep sea. The next and final zone is the Hadal Zone, these depths are usually found in deep water trenches, there is only some life here including sea cucumbers. This zone starts at 19,685 ft and goes down to 36,197 ft, temperatures are just above freezing.
As you go deeper the pressure increases by 1 atmosphere every 30 ft. At about 3,000 ft in the ocean there is a thermocline in the ocean which is where the temperature steeply goes down.
Some resources we get from the ocean is oil, fish, salt, sand, gravel, copper, nickel, and iron.


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