Online Tools for Your Virtual Read-Athon 4 FundHUB Features for Your School!

The CDC is preparing to release guidelines for schools regarding returning to classes in the fall. This means that many parent groups are left in limbo concerning their regularly scheduled events and fundraisers. Make sure your event can easily be done at home!

As experts weigh in on whether or not schools will be able to reopen this fall, many parent groups are scrambling to figure out what to do this coming season. Rather than have a plan b, c, and d - you can commit to a fundraiser that is easily conducted virtually. Read-Athons already depend on participations conducted at home, they require little to no physical interaction, and they can be super profitable for your school during a time when funds are tight.

Read-Athons are the perfect virtual fundraiser:

  • Students can read at home with their family
  • Track their reading minutes online
  • Accept donations online from friends and family
  • Get staff involved with live read-a-longs on your Facebook page

Teaming up with us for your Fall Fundraiser?

Whether you are planning to team up with us for the fall, still considering using our services, or brand new to our fundraising platform, we invite you to take a look at what we can offer for your virtual event.

4 FundHUB Features You Can Use for Your Read-Athon!

Having these FundHUB features saves hours of work for the fundraising chairperson/committee.

In addition, FundHUB allows the total "minutes read" information to readily available to promote through announcements, fliers, emails, and social media.

Get Started With Your Virtual Read-Athon

We have personal fundraising coaches available to answer your questions and provide guidance for the uncertain season ahead. Don't hesitate to reach out so we can help plan your virtual event!

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