The Changing Roles of Women By Grace DavidSon, Ryan Paxton, Sean MorrisseY

The Debate Over Women's Equality

• Should women be able to vote? Own property? Control their own income? Get a higher education and more professional jobs?

*The reality of women's lives at the turn of the century was that their work at home was a necessity, but more and more women went from rural areas to cities to find work of their own.

Change in Women's Work at Home

• Women did most of the work in the house. Removing dust from the house alone took from 18-27 hours.

• As time continued, technology began to significantly lighten the workload that women had to do. The electric vacuum cleaner (1908) is one of these helpful tools.

• Food and clothes were becoming readily available at stores, reducing the number of families that produced these things from scrap.

*Women did less and let the stores and technology do the work for them.

Women and Department Stores

 Department Store - A large retail establishment that carried a wide variety of goods divided into apartments.

• Women spent a lot of time buying goods instead of making them. Instead of making everything, they could buy the parts and put it together themselves.

• The first delivery services and catalogs were seen at this time, as stores started to advertise more heavily.

*Stores were becoming a very important part of daily life.

Women Working Outside of the House

• Jobs that women accumulated outside of the house included maid work, secretaries, and factory workers.

• The U.S. had 525 physicians, 67 ministers, and 5 lawyers who were women.

*The U.S. was slowly starting to let women into the workforce, but voting was still an issue.

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