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Bill gates was the person that helped with the intel 8080 CPU. Bill gates was born on October 28 1955 to Mary and William gates,gates is currently 62 and has a wife with three kids. At young age gates father called him treybecause it was better than William gates III. Gates has two sisters an older sister namedKristianne or Kristi for short, and a younger sister named Libby. When gates was in school hisdad wanted him in a law career. Also gates and his family attend a Christian church regularly. At13 gates was enrolled in lakeside private school where he took a huge interest in computers.

Bill gates quote for work ethic

Bill gates is a very important person to at least 5 companies.Bill gates is the CEO of cascade investment, tech advisor of Microsoft, chairman of BEN(branded entertainment network),Chairman of terrapower, and finally on chairman of Melinda gates foundation. Gates total networth from this is 84000000000 or eighty four billion. He has made the intel 8080 CPU andhelped with the MITS Altair 8800. Gates it the 4th most valuable person on the world. Gates hasmany investments, all of his investments made him $966,667 in 2006.

Bill gates

Bill gates and Melinda gates have 3 kids Jennifer Katharine, Rory John, and Phoebe Ade. Bill gates is friends with warren buffet, and holds stocks with him. Gates was the 4th most richest person in the world but lost that position to Carlos slim, in 2014 gates took the 3rd position. He loves to read and has a full library in his house. Gates loves art too so he bought a collection of writings from Leonardo da Vinci for 30.8 million.

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