Power edTech Weekly November 30, 2020

Hybrid, Conferences, and December, oh my!

Well here we are! The first day of Hybrid learning. Good luck and hang in there!

This week's updates include instructions on how to get the Zoom links to your parents and guardians who will be joining you for conferences,

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This Week’s Quick Tips!

Share your Zoom link with Parents/Guardians

If you missed last week's post on how to set up a Zoom meeting to share with your parents, you can check it out here. Once you've got the link set up, you'll want to share it with your families, which you can easily do by emailing through Google Classroom. Instructions on emailing guardians through Google Classroom can be found here. A sample message to send them can be found here.

Hybrid Learning without Internet

There will be times during hybrid learning that internet is an issue. Either it's too slow, or non-existent, there are problems at school or at home, or any number of things. Here's a collection of some resources you may find helpful. Learn more...

Managing Content for your Online Students

There are a number of variables to consider when sharing content with online students. What device are they using? Is their internet connection reliable? Are any specific websites blocked at their home? Here are some tips, tools, and ideas that may help you overcome some of these obstacles.. Learn more...

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