Hot or Cold? Talking About the Weather (Short Version)

Part 1 - The four seasons:

During the year, we enjoy the sunny days of the Summer, the beautiful sunsets of the Fall (or Autumn), the cold days of the Winter, and the colorful days of the Spring.

But... Which is your favorite season?
Summer and beach are a perfect match!
Fall has such intense colors!
Winter is time for snow... And hot chocolate!
Spring has nature on its best!

First, let's talk about Summer:

What do you do during summer? What are the best activities for this season?

I like to go to the beach, sunbathe and swim in the ocean! Sometimes, I like to run or ride my bike, too!

My friend likes to travel to different places during his Summer vacation break. And he also likes to surf.

Surf is up!

Some people prefer to stay at home and turn the air conditioner on to 20 C°. Or maybe enjoy a swimming pool!

Other people have ice creams, milk shakes, açai, and popsicles to refresh!

What flavor do you like?

Or maybe drink a very cold juice, soda, or beer.

Some key words for Summer:

  • Sun
  • Sunny
  • Hot
  • Beach
  • Swimming pool
  • Sunbathe
  • Summer vacation break
  • Daylight Saving Time (or, Summertime)

Now, let's talk about Fall (or Autumn):

What are the symbols and commom activities during this season?

During Fall, I enjoy seeing the sunset. The colors are very vivid and it looks amazing!

Many people like to see the leaves falling from the trees.

Fall is a good season for Apples and Pumpkins. Remember to eat some!

In the United States, Halloween happens during Fall.

Jack O'lantern is a symbol of Halloween!

And Thanksgiving, too!

Turkeys and parades to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Learn more about these holidays on the links below:

Some key words for Fall:

  • Trees
  • Leaves
  • Sunset
  • Halloween
  • Jack O'lantern
  • Thanksgiving
  • Turkey

Next is Winter:

What to do when the days are cold?

Everybody likes some hot coffee or chocolate with friends.

And also to sleep with a warm and big comforter.

Some people want snow to practice snow sports, like Skiing and Snowboarding.

Others like to build snowmen...

... And celebrate Christmas (in the US) with the family!

Santa Claus is coming!

People are very fashion in Winter, too.

Well... Not everybody:

But it looks very comfortable...

Now, key words for Winter:

  • Snow
  • Cold
  • Hot chocolate
  • Snowman
  • Snowball
  • Christmas
  • Santa Claus
  • Winter Olympic Games

To finish our cycle, here comes Spring:

And Spring is the famous Love Season!

Most flowers bloom during Spring.

And many couples start their relationships as well.

The magic of Spring...

And we have Easter (in the US) during Spring.

Time to eat much chocolate! And do some egg painting, too!

Egg painting is an Easter tradition!

Discover more here:

Key words for Spring:

  • Flower
  • Color
  • Love
  • Easter
  • Egg painting
  • Egg hunting
  • Easter Bunny

After all we discovered together...

What do you like about your favorite season?

And here are the exercises!

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