Mj's Utopia This is where beautiful lives

In my utopia there would be beautiful library's with thousands of books. There would also be little coffee shops so you can drink tea and coffee well reading. You would have house made just for you. There would beautiful statues that would be made by the talented or people who just wanted to make them. You can do anything you want that will help improve your well being and who you want to be as a person.

The currency for my Utopia would be based on a point system. You would have to work a certain amount of hours to get points. The points you errand you would be able to spend to go toe the coffee shop, to get clothes, food and to go out to the events that cost points on the island.

On the island there would be a wear house there filled with clothes. You would be able to spend your points here. There would be brand new clothes but there would also be hand me downs that you could have. It all depends on what you want.

People can get food from it being imported or having it grown on the island. You can grow your own fruits and Vegetables in the community garden and buy the rest in the store.

The rational behind my utopia is that you can escape the reaper here and actually enjoy your life. Instead of the symbol being an actual reaper it will be a lounge chair with a drink beside it. You don't need to worry about anything you can just live peaceful and happy.


Created with images by Michael Rehfeldt - "Good morning Vietnam "Hui""

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