Spatial Experience

The Constans Theatre is quite artistic. There are some abstract designs in it. It represents the transcendence of the period. The lights are amazing from the ground floor. Also, I really like the theme in the building. There are not many decorations, but it looks quite stunning.

After I sit in the front, I can see the stage clearly; also, I can see the huge amount of people come to see this performance behind me. When the auditorium quiet down, I was really affected by the feeling coming from the sound. Everyone seems to wait for an excellent movie.

Using so many devices to generate sound, this performance is simple yet detailed in everywhere. I believe that it played a significant role in interpreting the authors purpose and well cooperated with the visual acting by actors and actresses.

The huge auditorium extremely contributes to creating fantastic sound effect and helping the light to focus on the main character. It gave me a good experience of both sound and light enjoyment in the good life.

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Zihan Shu

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