Maternity Prep Guide NicSo Studio

Hey Momma! I am so excited to have you in the studio for your dream maternity session! You are going to rock it!

This guide will help you prepare for your maternity session and show you what to expect from your session.

How to prep for your session

  1. Prep your face for the makeup artist: With your maternity session complimentary hair and makeup is included! Please prep your face and come with no makeup or foundation only. If you op out of this please do your makeup as you would like! We want to make sure you feel pampered and perfect!
  2. Get your body ready for photos: Before your session make sure you have shaved to your liking/best of your ability, do your nails up all nice (this cannot be fixed in post production), and avoid spay/fake tanning!
  3. How to style your hair: I always recommend curly/wavy hair as it looks best in photos and I'm able to make it even more voluminous! If you straighten your hair please hairspray it to avoid lots of baby hairs! I will always have a comb and extra hairspray in studio.
  4. Food: Please eat and drink something substantial before your session! We do not want your feeling lightheaded/tired during your session!

What to expect during the session

  • We will have Champagne (non-alcoholic), water and snacks available during your session! You need to stay hydrated - if you feel light headed at all let us know and we will bring you water and snacks!
  • Take as many breaks as you need! YOU are the star of the show! We will slow down when you need to.
  • We photograph both fully clothed and tastefully nude or somewhere in between! If you haven't discussed your comfort level with me, please shoot me a message to let me know!
  • For outdoor sessions please make sure you bring a touch up towel if it is hot outside. All summer maternity sessions will be done either early in the morning or in the evening to avoid overheating.
  • Once we finish the session we will schedule the date for your photo reveal!
Every second is of infinite value

What to wear to your session

I have you coved momma! You will have styled outfits and fabrics ready for you when you come to your session! Please let me know of any colors you would like incorporated in your images! View our Maternity Closet below.

If you are bringing your own gown/outfit please send me a photo of it ahead of time so I can prepare for it.

What should SO's wear

Please wear a button down shirt that is a sloid color such as white. Other options would be light gray, olive green, navy, or light blue.

For studio please wear long pants, jeans (I love some ripped jeans!) - please try to stay away from black pants/jeans.

What should siblings wear

Boys should wear a cute button down or tee shirt in the same color scheme as your session. I recommend nice shorts or long pant depending on what each kiddo prefers!

Girls have options of dresses in the studio! I always recommend bringing a safety backup outfit that would look nice being photographed in either white, nude or pastel colors. Please let me know their clothing size before the session.

Steer clear of logos or bold patterns as your taste may change over time. You may wear name brands such as Gucci, We want your images to remain elegant and last a lifetime.

Enjoy your session! Preparing to bring your little one into the home is very stressful. This day isn't about stress, but having fun, enjoying yourself, be pampered and create some beautiful art!

Do you have any questions?

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