Code Kids Workshop 2

This workshop is all about...


So what are they?

A command is an instruction & a parameter adds specific information about that instruction!

Look at the code below...

Can you identify the commands & the parameters?

The coloured blocks are the commands and the white sections are the parameters!

Let's make a fun project and see them in action.


Tap "Create" then "Blank Project"

Press the code button and "trash" the character's pre - loaded code by dragging it back into the coding block area.

Place the "start" command block

Hide the actor on your stage (so he can be your mystery artist) then give him something to draw with...

Tap the white part of the block to set a parameter (the pen's colour)

The repeat block helps us to code our shape. Can you guess what the shape is by looking at our program below?

Now let's set the stage, a background for our computer art. Click "stage" then "properties".

Click "Add scene" in the next window.

Let's draw our own original background and experiment with shapes, colours...

When you've finished drawing...

Press the back arrow on the top left hand side of the drawing area to go back to the "stage" property window.

Then click the cross in the top right hand corner of the property window to close it and view your vibrant stage!

One final bit of code to "clear" the stage for each performance.


Run your code and enjoy the magic 3D optical illusion extravaganza!

Commands and parameters in action - aren't they beautiful?

Time to...

Change the number of repeats and angles. What shapes can you create? You are free to code smash!

Tutorial Project Created by Shauna Kay for Code Kids Workshop!


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Shauna Kay

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