Han Dynasty Isabella davis 9C

  1. The Han Dynasty excelled in politics, the Han Dynasty is known as one of the most successful dynasties. In an article on http://factsanddetails.com under, HAN DYNASTY OF CHINA (206 B.C.-A.D. 220), this states, "The Han emperors ruled with an emphasis on tradition and order, setting the tone for more than 2000 years of imperial rule." This shows that the way the Han Dynasty ran the China politically was so influencial it was used for 2000 years after the fall of the dynasty. Another example of how the Han Dynasty excelled politically, is because in an article from www.ancient.eu, it states, "The city turned into the political, economic, military, and cultural centre of China and by 2 CE its population was nearly 250,000. In 195 BCE, upon Liu Bang’s death, his empress Lü Zhi (also known as Lü Hou) tried to confiscate the empire for her own family". This shows that politically the Han Dynasty influenced the east.
  2. The Han Dynasty also excelled in religion. The way this dynasty excelled in religion, due to the fact that this dynasty introduced Buddhism to China, a religion that is still one of the major religions in China to this day. The Buddhism religion was quickly made popular during this time period. Buddhism was viewed as accordant with the other popular Chinese theory, Taoism. An example of this is the fact that the Han Dynasty was the era of the acceptance of Mahayana Buddhism.
  3. The Han Dynasty extremely excelled in intellectual achievements, because this Dynasty had to do with the invention of paper. You essentially can not greatly achieve anything without paper, to write ideas on, etc. Another reason the Han Dynasty excelled in intellectual achievements is because this dynasty saw the development with the Silk Road. In this time period there would not have been as many advancements as there are now to develop a entire road.
  4. The Han Dynasty excelled in art and architecture, the way that the Han Dynasty excelled in this is because by the time that the Han's rule was over architects had began building watchtowers, temples, palaces and etc. This is a big contribution to China
  5. The Han Dynasty least excelled in social structure because of the "Yellow Scarf Rebellion" this was a rebellion led by peasants, sparked by high inflation and taxes for the funding of the Silk Road. This is a reason that they least excelled in social structure because a rebellion means that the people who not happy, and that means that the social structure was not perfect.

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