Floating Bubble Houses By: Jase, zach, logan,and Brett

The model of our community

Our flag

The FLOATING BUBBLE HOUSES is a community in the outer atmosphere of earth. Our main goal is to push the advances in technology, science, and to one day reach deep space.

To reach the FBH you must take a tube to the houses. This tube also transports water and resources.

We will get electricity through solar power, and our food will be grown in our green houses. To get rid of waste we will simply shoot it in the opposite direction and it will travel forever out of out reach.

In the main bubble in the recreational house you can play zero gravity ball a game similar to basketball but in zero gravity and with wind socks as the net.

Our constitution

Ecological key pointsl

Every house has their own individualized garden

• Everyone has at least one pet( fish and reptiles not included)

• There will be a community lake with fishing, swimming, and other water sports.

• Small bay for salt water activities

Religious key points

You must be a Christian

• If there is discrimination we give them a chance to Change their ways, and if they don't they will be sent back to earth

• You can practice your religion anywhere as long as your not trespassing

Political key points

We will have a new type of government with a grand council made up of the 4 of us. The council will make major decisions for the community, but the citizens will have a say as well.

• With criminals we will determine the severity of the crime and the punishment will be determined by the council

Economical key points

All necessities will be free, but if you want extra it will cost money

The currency will be called FBH bucks

Science and technology key points

We will advance technology to be able to live in space inside of only a layer of glass or other thin clear materials

• We will advance technology to be able to get up into space and back fast

• We will be able to make a small "bubble" car like personal vehicle to fly around space with



Created with images by skeeze - "spiral planetary nebula nebula universe" • SpaceX-Imagery - "satellite orbit spacex" • MichaelGaida - "air bag wind sock weather" • Archbob - "sunrise lake water" • MartinStr - "summit cross peak happiness hochlantsch" • Activedia - "law justice court" • WikiImages - "galaxy barred spiral galaxy eridanus constellation"

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