The metamorphosis Written By: Franz Kafka

Report by: Brent Reed

1. Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa is a timid salesman working to support his poor German family. He tends to bend to other people when they pressure him. He dreams of yelling at his cruel domineering boss and his over-bearing lazy father. One day he wakes up to find he has been turned into a large insect-like creature.

2. Mr. Samsa

While no proper name for this character is given, he has plenty of screen-time and Impact in the story. Mr. Samsa is an overweight, over-bearing, and lazy human being. Gregor describes his father as one of the people who cause him to feel as if he is an insignificant insect.

3. Mrs. Samsa

Like her husband Mrs. Samsa has no proper name or history, instead all that is known of her is gleamed from her interactions with her son and what Gregor says of her. She is shown to care at least a little bit about her son as she is the only one who mourned his passing if a only through a single glance.

4. Gregor's boss

Nothing known of him except how he acts when he comes to the Samsa family apartment, and how Gregor acts towards him. He seems to be somewhat cruel as Gregor fears him. The most telling thing about him, however, is the fact the one day Gregor misses work after 1 year he shows up at the Samsa family doorstep threating to fire Gregor.


While the story has no specified setting, beyond the Samsa family apartment, it can be inferred that the story takes place in Germany, 1915.

The Apartment

This is an example of what the apartment where the entire story takes place.

A map of the German Empire circa. 1915.


  • Gregor awakes one morning to find he has become a monstrous┬áinsect, and that he has overslept and is now late for work. Mrs. Samsa walks in worried that he is late. He tells her he is sick and will go to work tomorrow. Later he tries to go to the kitchen and the father throws an apple which lodges into a soft part of his back and cripples him.
  • The next day his boss comes and threatens to fire him saying his work has been unsatisfactory as of late. Gregor tries to tell the boss everything is fine, but the boss faints upon seeing his new monstrous form.
  • The family has to accept three boarders because Gregor, the breadwinner, has been incapacitated. Samsa's sister tries to play music to entertain them, but the boarders grow bored of this quickly. Gregor, however, enters the room entranced by the music. The boarders see Gregor and mistaking him for a cockroach demand a refund of their rent and leave. Mr. Samsa furious beats Gregor with a chair and declares the family is moving to the country to get away from him.
  • Gregor dies from his wounds, curled up like a dead cockroach, his mother looks at his corpse and weeps.

The turning point would be when Mr. Samsa cripples Gregor. This is when the story gets notably darker.


The outcomes of the turning are simple. First, Gregor becomes more dependent on his sister straining their relationship. Second, His father hates Gregor's new form. Finally, this sets up Gregor's death or was it a mercy instead?


I do not recommend this short story to anyone who is afraid of creepy-crawlies. I do recommend it to people who enjoy sad, melancholy stories. Those who have a darker sense of humor will enjoy the absurdity of the story as well.

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