Wood Creek Trails Newsletter for residents of wood creek neighborhood - wilmington, Delaware

Traffic Enforcement

This last quarter, New Castle County police were hired by WCCA for extra patrols in Wood Creek on a number of occasions. The two largest offenses were running stop signs and speeding.

WCCA will continue this effort into the summer and ask all residents to also do their part by obeying traffic laws including stop signs and not exceeding the 25 mph speed limit. Additionally, all residents may contact New Castle County Police's non-emergency number at 302-573-2800 to report excessive traffic violations.

Board Request: Parents remind your driving-age children of the importance of driving 25 mph and slowing down further when passing pedestrians. We have had a number of speeding reports and passing on our streets by younger drivers. Thank you

Wood Creek's Annual Spring Egg Hunt cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions

Even though our annual egg hunt was cancelled for this Spring, we hope to bring a different family event later this year using the supplies already purchased. If anyone has ideas for a similar type event, please email Michele at woodcreekcivic@yahoo.com or text 302-584-0515. Thank you!

Wood Creek Spring Yard Sale

The community-wide spring yard sale scheduled for May 2 has been postponed. It will be rescheduled if restrictions allow in June. Looking ahead, the fall sale will be the last Saturday in September.

Clean up after your pet reminder

Just a friendly reminder - Please pick up after your pet. By taking a few simple steps to clean up after your pet, you can contribute not only to the beautification of our community, but also towards the elimination of an irritating nuisance in our neighborhood.

Also, when walking your dog in Wood Creek, remember that they should be leashed at all times.

WC Youth Services

Note: The WCCA provides these contacts only as information to our residents. Qualifications and references should be obtained before engaging services.

Babysitter List

Grass Cutting

Contact the Board via email at WoodCreekCivic@yahoo.com

2020 WCCA Officers and Committee Chairs

The 2020 WCCA Annual Dues are now past due.

The dues notice was delivered to your mailbox in February. If you have yet to pay your dues, please remit a check for $125 payable to Wood Creek Civic Association and include your street address on the memo line.

Mail payments to: WCCA, PO Box 142, Hockessin DE 19707

Note: If you are having trouble paying your dues as a result of COVID-19, please contact the WCCA Treasurer at davebaileygb@gmail.com.


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