Louis XVI Captured after attempt escape! CHrissy Marty

After recent recovery from the uprising of our 3rd Estate, we have captured our former King, Louis XVI. Much need investigation has revealed that Louis XVI attempted escape as to not deal with the rebellious, yet majority of the the 3rd estate. He thought he could flee France but with injustice comes a price. It seems that the angry mob drove Louis XVI to flee with Marie Antoinette and her family to the Tuileries Palce in Paris from Versailles. Even after fleeing for freedom he felt like a prisoner and commenced a new plan to flee to Montmédy. Their plan was to dress as a Russian governess for Marie Antoinette and for Louis XVI to be her valet. However, they were not careful enough as Marie Antoinette was spotted by Jean-Baptiste Drouet, a local postmaster. He claimed that he recognized her from being in her army. Soon after, he confirmed it by happenstance across currency with our former King that looked just like the supposed valet. He then proceeded to alert the guards in Varennes that these people look like the escaped Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of Versailles. The guards waited in Varennes where they confimed the sighting and they now hold Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. With a last word from our former King as he was being taken back to Paris he said "There is no longer a King in France"

Antoine-François Callet - Louis XVI, roi de France et de Navarre (1754-1793), revêtu du grand costume royal en 1779 - Google Art Project. Antoine-François Callet - 9gFrdyY6xDaHgw at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum
‘There is no longer a king in France’
Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. The French Revolution.

Currently with allegations pointing to Louis for the fault of the uprising the Public must discuss to what means must he be charged with. Many speculate that justice should be served by death for treason of his own country and suffer as the 3rd estate had. However, this would lead to a need for new power and we could possibly end up with another King as Louis XVI. Others speculate that they imprison him and show him real justice by having him live in poor conditions for the rest of his life. There quite possibly could be another war with neighboring countries to preserve the monarchy for the public wishes to abolish the ruling of Kings and Queens in the country of France. We assume that with normal justice policies one can presume that he will be charged with treason. The anger of the 3rd estate overrides any thought to former alliances and only cares for justice on their behalf.

The return of the royal family to Paris on 25 June 1791: colored copperplate after a drawing of Jean-Louis Prieur. Jean Duplessis-Bertaux (1750-1818), d'après un dessin de Jean-Louis Prieur. Reproduction par P. G. Berthault dans les Tableaux historiques de la Révolution française. - [1] The tall building is the Barrière du Roule, part of the Wall of the Farmers-General, and designed by the architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux.
justice should be served by death for treason of his own country and suffer as the 3rd estate had.

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