Momix: Opus Cactus Intercultural communication in the arts

Momix personifies intercultural communication in relation to leadership by using illusionist dancers that send a message of freedom and confidence through their visual splendors and theatrical magic. This form of art allows people from all over the world to come together in one.
Through out the course we have been speaking about different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds, diversity, equal respect towards each other, and what it takes to be a good leader. The Momix: Opus Cactus show case reflects a language that is expressed in a term in which everyone can relate to. The dancers exert a dialogue that people from numerous ethnicity can receive and understand. It is a time when disunion does not exist and similarities are shared.
The show displayed diversity, differences in culture, and liberation. Dancers exceed their physical bodies far beyond most people can fathom. Its only goal is to exhibit art through body movements that illustrate world wide known images such as, cactuses and slithering lizards. These objectives convey liberalism and diversity.
The Opus Cactus showcase made me feel empowered. I was able to comprehend how much control we have over our bodies and mind. Throughout the ages, people with authority have tried to convince the world that we are not in control of ourselves by setting skin color restrictions, sexual orientation limitations, and ethnicity boundaries that have created chaos and riots. This showcase represents unity, and liberation of the body mind and soul.
This show taught me that it is possible to achieve the impossible when perseverance takes charge. There are many people, including myself, that have confused challenges with impossibility. Yet, these confusions only create a barrier from making a difference. The civil rights movement, the women's right movement, and the LGBT movement, all happened because somebody decided to stop confusing challenges with impossibilities. It is all mental when making a difference, in other words, there has to be a belief in something to succeed. The dancers in Opus Cactus succeeded in communicating with people from all parts of the world because they believe in determination. They have created an art that is appreciated by a diversity of people and inspired perseverance in everyone that has witnessed their language.

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