Life of a tennis court... WRAC - Wenatchee Racquet & Athletic Club Outdoor Tennis Court Renewal Project 2017

Courts 6-9 were originally constructed in 1961. As you can see, it's no wonder we had more than a few bad bounces!!
Contractor, Chris Lewis and crew of Lewis Surface Development Co. spent time filling in the "canyons".
Petro-Tac was put over the existing cracks as another layer of protection.
Next the existing surface was prepared for new asphalt overlay.
The "machine"!
...add the crew from Central Washington Asphalt.
Because it takes a full crew to get the job done.
15 trucks of brought in materials required.
Then the all important step of compaction.
New asphalt surface under foot.
The first color coats go on.
Fresh new, non- cracked surfaces will be ready for a summer of fun.
Looking good!
And play begins on courts 6-9.
Court 1 gets prepped.
Courts 4-5, patching almost done.
Courts 2-3
The courts look and play great! Now just need our grass to recover and we are set for many seasons of tennis ahead. Thank you all for your patience and support of this project. Thank you also to Wenatchee School District for their partnership on the improvement to these courts for the benefit of the district's tennis programs.
Now let the fun begin!!

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