North Carolina Sit-Ins By: Yevgeniy Dyachenko

This event started because black people wanted the same rights as the whites.

They were ready to take action in order to secure equal rights for themselves and their people.

The sit-ins started on 1 February 1960, when four black students from North Carolina A&T College sat down at a Woolworth's lunch counter

The 4 Students were determined to end segregation. four college students sparked national interest in the push for civil rights.

The sit ins were continued when a man named Samuel Wilbert Tucker when he arranged a sit in a library and then people started doing sit ins at other places.

They were facing obstacles like pain, anger, racism, discrimination

They overcame this problem by just sitting down and not reacting to nothing that was done to them.

the outcome of this event was that they got rid of segregation

They impacted us to this day is that segregation is over and now every single person has the same equal rights

The south Dakota pipeline, where native Americans sat down during the construction site and the construction workers could not do their job, and in this way the construction has stopped in a peaceful protest.

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Created By
Yevgeniy Dyachenko

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