Everyone Has a different opinion Point of view assignment by connor queen

Nathan Radley fills the knothole with cement: Boo Radley's Point of View

I see those kids playing out there everyday, and I just wish that they knew I was there for them. I left them things in the knothole (or I used to before my mean brother covered it up), I folded Jem's pants for him, I covered Scout with a blanket. What more do they want for me? I can't be mad at them for long, because they're good kids. I just wish there was a way for me to prove that I'm not the Boo Radley everyone thinks I am. No, I am not 7 feet tall, and no, I do not feed on cats. I am a perfectly normal, trapped-in-my-house guy. Scout and Jem found my items weird at first, but I feel like I did the right thing by giving them the presents. Maybe the soap figurines were a little strange, but I think they enjoyed them. Oh well, back to another day of sitting in my house all alone.

The knothole in the tree before being covered with cement

Miss Maudie's house burning down: Scout's Point of View

I can't believe she doesn't care that her house burned down! She said something about having more space to grow a garden? I'd be going crazy if that happened to me! I feel bad though, considering she is one of my only friends in this crazy town. I'm still confused as to why Boo Radley would put the blanket on me when I was watching the house. I thought he was an evil person, and maybe he's just trying to make me think he's nice. I don't trust him, although Atticus said that you never know someone’s life unless you look at things from their point of view. I guess I should take that into account. Either way, it’s a shame that Miss Maudie’s house burned down. She’s always so nice to everyone, and doesn’t deserve this. I guess bad things can still happen to good people, which makes no sense to me.

This represents the fire that burned Miss Maudie's house, as well as the temper that Scout has when she gets truly passionate about things.

Tom Robinson is found guilty: Tom Robinson's Point of View

I don't understand. Atticus did everything he could, and I'm still being convicted. What else could we have done? All the evidence points towards Bob Ewell, but everyone is blinded by prejudice. I have no idea how Helen is going to react to this. I just wish that I could see what my children grow up to me. I hate that Bob Ewell gets away with this, while I have to live my whole life knowing I'm innocent. Mayella started the conflict, trying to lure me in with chores that she knew I couldn't refuse. She tried to start something with me that was severely frowned upon by her father, but still went through with it and got me in trouble. I guess the end is near for me. I wish there were some way out of this. I might just try to escape prison, if it comes to it. I can’t live in there with the others who deserve it.

The split between blacks and whites is truly evident when Tom Robinson is found guilty, even when all of the evidence points against him.

Bob Ewell attacks Scout and Jem, but dies: Boo Radley's Point of View

I can't just sit here and watch that horrid man attack those kids. Surprisingly, I care about them enough to risk my own life. I'd rather die than them die. They both have bright futures, especially Scout, who isn't afraid to put up a fight. I run out, and take down the man. I feel like the kids feel intimidated by me, but I was only trying to help. I hope they can forgive me for murdering someone right in front of them. I appreciate the Sheriff for making a cover-up story so I don't get caught. It means a lot to me that I can come into the world for the first time in years, and still be accepted by a few people. Atticus is a good man, and a great father. He taught those kids right. I'm just glad I have the opportunity to be a part of these kids' lives.

Scout was wearing a ham costume when she was attacked by Bob Ewell, and the suit questionably saved her from a stab wound, and possibly death.


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