I am trying to promote free education and also make charities to people who can’t afford it or to the people who can’t have it due to problems in Nigeria. By: Achintya narain

In some cases, people in countries who can’t afford education, (usually from the ages 15 to 25) are the most affected. They would tend to join terrorist groups because they are uneducated and also the can’t really afford anything else. People in Nigeria, for example, can’t really afford education due to many reasons. For example, Boko Haram. People who in the ages of 15 to 25 most likely join Boko Haram because they cannot afford education. My purpose is to promote free education to those in need.

Children School in Nigeria

What is the problem? Many people in the world cannot afford education. Some countries are in crisis due to wars. Places like Syria, the schools are wiped out because of bombs. In Nigeria, there is not much education provided because of the fear against Boko Haram.

Boko Haram

What is causing the problem? People don’t have money due to their social class or problems in their country. People in Nigeria for example, 65 million are illiterates. Economically, the impacts of illiteracy are also fairly large; workplace productivity, unemployment rates and even national GDP are all affected by a country’s literacy levels.

What effects does this problem have? People from ages 15 to 25 tend to join terrorists groups.

Possible Solutions:

- Promote free education to sites that make a lot of pledges.

A man helping uneducated people

- Help those in need for education.

Why: Because I care about the ones in desperate need for education. I want to help them because I compare my life to theirs and I feel I need to help them in some sort of way

What: The outcomes can be random. People can protest to the fact that the government is raising taxes, people who have money can help the ones and give free education to them. Another outcome could be that many people can come together and make huge pledges and campaigns to help many people. They can also donate money to those campaigns.

Children who are being helped my UNICEF

I am going to conclude by stating my message again. I want to help those in need by promoting free education and also helping people by making charities and resulting by building schools in Nigeria.

Since the program is going to cost a lot to start off with, I know that this campaign is worth it since it is helping many people in Nigeria and also giving a heads up to people in the world that they should also do something.

We should think about what can happen in the future and how we can compare to now.

Thanks for your time. AND LET'S HELP THOSE NIGERIAN KIDS!!!


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