Mikele Thunderstorms⚡️🌩

What is a thunders

A thunderstorm is a storm of lighting that's gives out cumulonimbus clouds usually you can tell because it's vary gusty an Wendy

What causes Thunder storms ?

Its happens when the air haves vary work an heavy vapor.heated air expanded an rises to a cloud

Fun facts 😀

If you hear thunder then lighting is nearby.when lightning strikes it makes a hole in the air called a channel.mostly storms Haden in the summer time

Why do storms have electricity in them?

The air to the topic the storms carry negative energy an on the top of the cloud there's positive energy. Them when theses 2 energy meet a violent storm with electronic sparks an form lighting.

Thunderstorms dangers.

They are all dangerous because when I say all I mean there's deferent types of storms but 1 thing for sure there all vary and news . They all product lighting witch kills people each year.

How many thunderstorms a day(AKA shocking moments⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

It's about 1800 thunderstorms that's on our planet a day.if a thunderstorm hits a door nob it's could have a vary high chance it could shock you .how well elections pick up from carpit then when you put your had close enough energy seeks out them bam it's shocks you right there

How to perpare for a thunderstorm:

Find a safe place to take cover

If the storm is intestines you you hear the sirens the find a basement or somewhere in the house to take place with no wendowsIf in

If in the school then Liston to teachers or your principal for instructions

Cut your lights off an tv an use candles for your light

Just in case if your hungry an the storm cut you microwave off make user you have food an water in a wart place

Most destructive thunderstorms in the us

The strongest us thunderstorm in the us did so much damage that to repay the debt it was about 2billion that took place in May 5 1995

Most stronges thunderstorm in the WORLD

The worst thunderstorm in the world was named Patricia with damage over 200 meters of rampage

Tools to survive a thunderstorm.

The tools scientists uses to alarm people there's a huge storm is a storm surge (a big siren that warns people for far away)also tools you need is a crate or anything to carry to a safe place an away for we downs is to carry food water an a cup pile of caddies to perpare for the storm .

How strong can a thunderstorm be

A thunderstorms power can be up to 120mph an can knock down trees power lines an mobile homes

How to track a thunderstorm?

Scientists track dangerous thunderstorms with a develop divice caller a storm reader to stay alarm of the situation if needed

Effects of thunderstorms

When a single thunderstorm affected one location for an extended time an it can bring heavy rai which causes flash floods.


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