Push By sapphire

Sapphire, who's real name is Ramona Lofton, was born in Fort Ord California in 1950. And released the book Push on June 11, 1996.

The Main Character: Claireece Precious Jones, she is a 16 year old who lives in Harlem who is pregnant with her second baby. She lives with her abusive mother, Mary, who really hates her and her kid.

In Conflict With: The fact that her father raped her and now she has to raise the kids she had because of him and one of them has down syndrome. She was also kicked out of school because she was pregnant and forced to go to a pre-GED class where she learns to read and write.

Secondary Character: Ms.Rain, the GED teacher who helps Precious grow as a woman and gets her on the right track. She teaches her to read and write, and learn more about life.

In Conflict With: When Precious's life affects the classroom and she has push Precious through it. And it doesn't help that the other people in the class are immature.

Brief Plot Summary: Precious is raped by her father and becomes pregnant again. She is kicked out of school and goes to a GED class. She deals with her mothers abuse everyday and has to do many things on her own. She has to learn how to grow up on her own and who to keep in her life.

What I like about this book is that is very interesting and realistic. I like the way its written too, because its written like a diary and everything in the book is like how Precious would write, and you can see it improve throughout the book.

There isn't really anything I don't like about the writing style or the book.

The theme of the story is friendship, parenthood, independence and family life. Her classmates eventually became her friends and helped her with her problems. Everything in the book centers around those themes.

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