bit.ly/yeatsend Get started using endnote. scroll down to learn more

Step 1 : Go to bit.ly/yeatsend and Register with any email address

Try to do it on campus if possible

If your not on campus use link below, register with Web of Science first. Same login for both.

Step 2 : verify link in email

Step 3 : Login to endnote again

Step 4 : install plugin

step 4: use endnote web in word

Don't worry help is available, and the hard part is over

Roaming Access

To get the Cite Them Right Harvard ITS style working you need to login on campus once a year. It's called roaming access. The endnote off campus button above tricks endnote into thinking you are on campus. Here is the button again:

Usual Issue: Workplace Security

This fixes 99% of problems :

Only Joking!! We mean web cookies of course


Do it manually and use Cite Them Right Online as a reference

If you need help contact us


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Aine Meehan



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