Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino "school Of Athens"

Raphael was a young painter who created many famous pieces of art in his lifetime. To current day, his paintings have inspired artists to create Perugino art.



Raphael was born on April 6, 1483. In his childhood, he was taught the basics of painting by his father Giovani Santi, who was a painter. His father worked at the Court of Urbino. At that time the Court of Urbino was one of the most renowned courts for the visual arts. His father was a wealthy man, and Raphael was also friends with Italian masters, so these connections are the reason why Rapheal was successful at a young age.

La Belle Jardinière


In the year of 1500, Raphael was an apprentice to Petro Perugino, who is skilled in the technique of Perugia. Four years passed and Rapheal had mastered the technique of Perugia. Raphael had gotten so well at the technique that it was hard to distinguish the difference between Petro Perugino's paintings and his own.

Three Graces

Raphael had created many great achievements in his life. Some of his creates the achievements are the following.

First Achievement:

"Saint George and the Dragon"

The Saint George and the Dragon was created in 1506.

Second Achievement:

"The Parnassus"

The Parnassus was created in 1511.

Third Achievement:

"Vision of a Knight"

The Vision of a Knight was created in 1504.

Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione

Raphael had died in the 1520's. Overall, Raphael had created many paintings in his lifetime that have great value to this day.

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