Why they came to Singapore By jack barber

There were many Malay, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian people who came to Singapore to start better lives

What the fishing boats were like in early times

How people started to come to Singapore was because when after Raffles signed the treaty that allowed him to set up a port in Singapore, He left the rest of the the work to William Farquhar. But William Farquhar got food, resources, homes and many other useful things to help people to be more interested in moving or visiting Singapore. Singapore came across many problems when people were moving. Many of the Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore belonged to the secret society.

Here is Raffles, Abdul Rahmen , John Crawford , William Farquhar and Tengku Hussein.

This was the younger brother and current Sultan

Tengku Hussein is the older brother who was meant to be sultan

Here is John Crawford, The captain of Raffles's ship`

William Farquhar was the person on the boat with raffles

Raffles was the founder of Singapore

How Raffles got Tengku Hussein to sign the treaty.

Raffles got very smart and cunning with this plan because the current sultan was the younger brother and he said no but Raffles went to the older brother and he said that if he let him set up a port then he would become sultan.

So Raffles, Temmengong and Tengku Hussein signed the treaty and Raffles set up the port in Singapore.

But there were some debates about who went on Singapore first. William Farquhar was on the boat with Raffles but John Crawford was on the ship but he did not spot Singapore.


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