Archaeology April

Snake island, a story of time, place, context and change

KVAHC presentation

  • Venice, snake island is in the middle of the map
  • Snake island site (8So2336): site discover in 1993-1994
  • Snake island wasn't an island in the 1800's it was in between two bays and one led to the inlands
  • From 1927-1936 the turner family had a house boat on the southern eastern end of snake island
  • 1960 they moved the channel and cut it again, moving snake island to a different location
  • Snake island had Australian pine trees
  • 1999 an Australian pine is sitting on archaeological shells
  • Low tide thing at exposed
  • High tide things are Dundee 3 feet of water
  • 1998 Susan whitgoo she was a ceramic specialist
  • Some of the shell tools- columella hammers are a common site in the archaic period (go back 3000 years or more)
  • Visit to snake island-
  • Did shovel testing on the upland and found camellia hammers
  • Spotted excavation area 3 by 1 meters
  • Southwest corner of snake island pushes the shells in the waterway
  • In 2013 the stumps are off shore and the water would be brown like black tea or crystal clear
  • Snake island is the center of the universe

The Dig

A camera crew from Bright House Networks came and recorded our work
The artifacts we found and soil samples we have taken

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