Minutes 10/30/17 Senate Secretary, Kara Donovan

  • Call to Order
  • Invocation by Senator Brock
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call by Secretary Donovan
  • Senators Browne, Petty, Kibler, Violette, Moskowitz, Simmons, and Kindervater and Clerk Council were found absent
  • Approval of the Minutes
Presentation by City of Clemson Mayor Mr. J.C. Cook, III
  • Lifetime resident of Clemson
  • 11 years in City Council
  • Little over 5 years as mayor
  • FS: move to open the gallery
  • PG: concerning student representation in local government, has it ever been considered to have a student on Clemson City Council?
  • JC: have to live within the city limits for at least 1 year to run for City Council so students who live off campus in Clemson for a year could run for City Council if they wanted, also City Council meetings are always open to the public and anyone can come speak there
  • ZP: seems to be a disconnect between the student body and citizens in Clemson, how could we get more involved with the area around us?
  • JC: we have a lot of nonprofits in the area that students could volunteer with, and a lot of places hire students as interns; if you live in the community just go out and meet your neighbors; as a city we've also developed some rules/regulations for a smoother relationship between students who live in the community and the full-time residents
  • MR: usually Clemson has been good with town-gown relations, but how could we work to improve that?
  • JC: just get out and meet people to try to be a part of the community; future project is that we are going to re-deck the boardwalk in Abernathy Park behind Blue Heron and we’d love to have student and community volunteers work together on that project
  • MR: would it be possible to have your PR person send information to CUSG as well so we can keep up with what you all have going on?
  • JC: anyone can send out an email blast to the city of Clemson, so you can sign up for that if you want as a way to stay informed- sign up at www.cityofclemson.org, student senate could also sign up for those blasts
  • MH: could you speak to how the city of Clemson is planning to handle the increase in size of Clemson University?
  • JC: a lot of the growth of the university seems like we have caught up to capacity, so there’s been a lot more construction on student housing- been a lot of push back from city residents regarding all the taller apartment buildings, etc. but we work closely with the developers who come into design the new building plans; sewer facility on the north side however has now reached capacity, so no more construction can happen up there until we have a new sewer system constructed, which will take about 2.5 years to complete (probably around 2020 by the time that’s done); will be having the City Council meeting here in the Senate Chambers on November 27
  • BB: been working with Rusty Guill on ‘Clemson Serve Day’ in the Spring- are those two plans aligned or separate?
  • JC: the building day on Abernathy Park is actually a whole week, so those are two separate events, but Rusty Guill is our liaison of sorts to the university
  • JL: seems public transportation has been an issue in the past, is that something you’ve noticed?
  • JC: it is an issue because it depends a lot on funding/budgeting, so we rely a lot on Clemson University as far as where students need to go, transportation from apartment complexes to campus is one of the biggest focuses due to need
Academic Affairs, Shreya Shankar
  • Graduation Resolution: expect resolution about students who should or should not be allowed to walk at graduation, there is talk from registrar’s office about changing the policy
  • Matt and Madison currently writing it, come to them with questions or comments before it is presented
  • Matt getting food trucks for finals week! Will be in lot next to the library
  • Talking to Aramark about food possibilities
  • Neil Burton talking to Academic Affairs about possible increase in Career Service Fee - ask me if you would like to come to the presentation.
  • Willie and Madison created humanities research survey, will be sent out in CUSG email
  • Professional Development Committee:
  • Contacted Killian about setting up meeting time for Task Force. Let me know if anyone else wants to be involved
  • Mar and Kathleen meeting with Kirsten Goodnow to discuss specifics of major/minor fair this year
  • Reaching out to transfer council to involve transfer students
  • Talk of expanding Major/Minor fair to have students from every major there as representatives
  • Tentatively the second week of classes spring semester.
  • Exploring expansion of undergraduate research opportunities
  • Talking to orgs director about organizational research and methods of setting up Tiger Prowl
  • Unified database of research opportunities in every college
  • Going with Dr. Griffin to talk to undergraduate associate deans about undergraduate research fair
  • Matt working on getting food trucks for finals week - found certain food trucks that are cleared by Aramark contract, going to talk to Dan Hoffman about if parking will be available.
  • Working on Academics cheat sheet for new freshman
  • Contact info
  • Shreya Shankar
  • 843-260-4372
  • shanka2@clemson.edu
  • @shreyatheslaya
Athletics, Josh Hutchinson
  • Updates:
  • Student Ticketing
  • Waterfall effect is back
  • It is a hybrid system: you can only waterfall down ONE slot (i.e. seniors can log in during senior and junior slot, but not all slots)
  • Penalty system is in place- please send us screenshots of individuals selling student tickets
  • Investigating method for student lead new software system-Katie
  • Ticketing Forum is coming soon- working with Campus Outreach
  • Campus Rec Updates:
  • Constituency report going well- August, Katelyn, Banner, and Morgan are working on this
  • Projects:
  • Penalty for selling tickets- Rachel and Izzy
  • Campus Rec Constituency report- August, Katelyn, Banner, and Morgan
  • Ticketing Software updates- AJ and myself
  • Future Software project- Katie
  • Contact Info:
  • Josh Hutchinson | 803-727-3854 | jhutch4@g.clemson.edu
Campus Life, Jacob Livingston
  • Updates this week:
  • The Off-Campus Housing Fair is in one week! Stop by to visit and get some free swag from off-campus housing companies.
  • Student Appreciation Dinner is this Wednesday, November 1st, in the dining halls! Steak, crab legs, sushi, and more all for one swipe, so get there early!
  • Arianna is meeting with the Clemson Board of Architectural Review about implementing a space in the area for public art!
  • Rachel is meeting with Jerad Green, Andrea Feeser, and the Cultural Ambassadors President and representatives to discuss menu and cultural pieces
  • Sign up for Ally Training on Wednesday, November 15th from 12:30-4:30 PM! https://cucourse.app.clemson.edu/gantt-mc/student-index.php
  • The Off-Campus Housing Fair is going to be so incredible, it’s SCARY. Happy Halloween! | jwlivin@clemson.edu | (843) 855-2516 | SC: @jacobsayshi | Twitter/Insta: @jacob_livvy
Finance & Procedures, Miller Hoffman
  • Happy HalloWeek! You may continue to feel scared of F&P. It’s a normal response; we get it.
  • Legislation:
  • Second Read
  • Non-op funding
  • Op funding
  • First Read
  • Legislative bylaws amendments (this was tabled last Monday)
  • Updates:
  • Working on preparing Executive bylaw changes
  • mhoffm5@g.clemson.edu / 803-412-598
Health & Human Services, Madison Gregoris
  • Flu shots!!
  • Redfern Health Center every Wednesday 9-11am and 1:30-4:15pm $25 or free depending.
  • Walgreens - schedule an appointment online for shot in their pharmacy
  • CVS - walk-ins to Minute Clinic OR pharmacy - $5 off $25 coupon online
  • Tampon receptacles in all-women on-campus housing:
  • Confirmed that there should be receptacle boxes in all housing bathrooms on campus so if you know of any that don’t have them LET ME KNOW - 3155592066
  • Clemson Against Drunk Driving:
  • Met with Healthy Campus and CATBus this week
  • CATbus will be running a marquee during the week about not driving drunk, still in communication about adding an extra route for Thursday
  • Be looking out this week for graphics :)
  • Let’s talk about medical withdrawals baby, let’s talk about you and me:
  • Meeting with myself, Shreya, and Dr. Raquel Contreras (head of CAPs) on Monday 10/30
  • Seriously though, HHS is looking into reforming what medical withdrawals look like here because there’s a serious struggle between being financially and physically/mentally okay
  • Only one ADA accessible bathroom in Cooper - and it’s on the 5th floor
  • S/o to Aubrey for bringing this to my attention
  • We’re looking into this
  • Tampons in vending machines in the Shoeboxes are $2.00 but condoms are only $1.25
  • Jay reached out to Doug Hallenbeck and got a less than ideal response so we’ll see
  • Basically something to do with the vending provider
  • “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” - Winston Churchill | 315.559.2066, mjgrego@g.clemson.edu
Transportation & Facilities, Patrick Gorospe
  • Updates:
  • Thank you for the support of Senate Resolution 03 <3
  • Hackathon - Watt Center locked down for March 9-11. SAVE THE DATE. Will be registering as an RSO shortly. Support from CCIT is strong :-)
  • Peter & I are going up to HackNC (UNC Chapel Hill) for our very first hackathon
  • Expect two Google forms from my committee this week
  • Student LEV permit program starting next semester!
  • 200 spots at Ravenel next year for West Residents, will open up 200 commuter spots behind West End Zone (C3)
  • First phase of Kite Hill lot (200 spots), will most likely be Park n Ride, as R6 will become a resident lot for Douthit/East Residents
  • Projects:
  • Jessica Ruday - planning Senate Friendsgiving
  • Derwin Simpson & Emily Anders - sending out Google form on Nap Pods
  • Andrew O’Steen & Lisa Uy - sending out Google form on water bottle stations
  • Upcoming Meetings:
  • Dan (weekly), committee will be in Dan’s office this week on Thursday at 5pm!
  • Todd Barnette (bi-weekly)
  • Peter Knudsen (monthly)
  • Hackthon (Thursday nights at 7pm)
  • HMU 803-371-0959 | pgorosp@clemson.edu | @heyitsmepatg (coffee, free food, friendship)
University Services, Mikey Summers
  • General Updates:
  • ITSAB Meeting this Tuesday
  • ITSAB Funding Application will be going live this Tuesday!
  • Getting mobile payment platforms supported by tigerone? --Anyone interested in this as potential project idea?
  • Schedule an appointment to tour the VR Club Space
  • vrclub.people.clemson.edu
  • Project Updates:
  • Jacovia- Joining Hackathon team; Working with Derwin on Nap Pods
  • Ashley- Green Crescent Trail (Nov 10th 11-3) Clean-up at park behind Methodist church and bridge ribbon-cutting; Food Summit First Meeting Tuesday (11/1)
  • Thomas- iROAR governance board, Meeting with Chuck Knepfle, Russ Kaurloto beacon idea being implemented by governance board; Meeting with Mike McGirr, Talking about incorporated food science class recipe creations into dining halls; Food Summit; Sign-up for Tailgate; Intramural Volleyball; Meeting with Madeline Lynn about CUSG Social Media; Including CUSG resources in Email
  • Frank- Mentorship Program - emailed Associate Dean Trogden (College of Science); Contacted Katie about Unity Walk Project
  • Peter- Hackathon!! Meetings every Thursdays at 7:30, 23 hour Hackathon!! Got Watt Co-sponsorship (Watt rent-free for weekend), Going to HackNC; WeTheTigers; Working on mycusg homepage
  • Jacob- Senate Census; Professional Development, Suit Borrowing Program through Career Center, Dry-cleaning sponsored and taken care of, Still trying to find a place to put them, Will inquire about paw point incentive for renting suit
  • Beau- Constituency Survey; ITSAB Advertising
  • Contact Info:
  • Email: mrsumme@clemson.edu
  • Phone: (864)328-7441
Clerk, Jack Council
  • Thanks to everyone who came out to the Scroll of Honor tour!
  • Next on-campus event: TBD
  • Sent an email out to Brenda Burk in the library to set up a tour of the Archives
  • If you ever have any questions or just wanna hang out,
  • 704-488-3242
  • jcounci@g.clemson.edu
  • Snapchat/Insta: @jack_council
Secretary, Kara Donovan
  • Seating Chart
  • New absence makeup event: Clemson Against Drunk Driving Week (week leading up to FSU)- more info to come
  • Points:
  • Nap pods survey
  • OCHF fb cover photo
  • ITSAB cover photo
  • Share US constituency report
  • Green Crescent Trail service event
  • Funding board (biweekly)
  • Contact Info:
  • (410) 220-7220 | donova3@g.clemson.edu | Insta: @kara710 | Twitter: @kdon710 | Snapchat: @karadonovan710
Pro Temp, Steven Patrick
  • Mr. CUGA
  • Mr. Clerk, Admin dinner
  • Ms. Olympics: Mentor/Mentee Olympics on Friday, Jan. 12th
  • Mr. Intramurals
  • Fall retreat tshirts
  • Student Advisory Board Board
  • ClemsonLIFE Collab with CUSG
  • Clemson Heuristic Education Governmental Group
  • Clemson History Tour!
Vice President, Jaren Stewart
  • BGR Project: Rugby, Theatre, Theatre Unhinged, Paw Pantry Co-Director, Orientation Ambassador
  • Clemson Disaster Relief Fund:
  • Mexico: Global Giving
  • Crowdsourcing
  • https://www.space.com/38245-mexico-earthquake-damage-map-nasa.html
  • Puerto Rico:
  • Hogar Regazo de Paz
  • Difficulty reaching a point of contact
  • Lack of cell service and web site
  • Language Barriers
  • Purchase/Share Song
  • Almost Like Praying
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1IBXE2G6zw
  • Still looking for more countries for international intervention
Senate President, Leland DUnwoodie
  • Service Projects:
  • Paw Pantry Donations
  • Cones for a Cause
  • Clemson United Methodist Park Clean Up
  • Shoutouts:
  • Zach Pate - Alt Spring Break
  • Hackathon 3/9-3/11 Watt Center
  • Updates:
  • Integrating Cabinet
  • Integrating organizations
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu | @lelanddunwoodie

Old Business

  • Senate Bill 25
  • Authors: Miller Hoffman and Mason Hammond
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended non-operational appropriations.
  • MP: move to call SB 25 to question
  • SB 25 passes
  • Senate Bill 26
  • Authors: Miller Hoffman and Mason Hammond
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended operational appropriations.
  • PT: move to call SB 26 to question
  • SB 26 passes

New/Tabled Business

  • Senate Bill 24
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To update the Legislative Branch bylaws to reflect the appropriate changes to update the bylaws and procedures of the Legislative Branch.
  • JS: regarding reallocation of spots by college, considering we haven’t had many representatives from College of Education in the past, how did we decide on that number?
  • MH: didn’t really use a specific algorithm, kept it on par with what was already there, but willing to consider other numbers you all may think would be better
  • JS: quantities not met per college would go to the at-large group, potentially we could consider interviewing to fill those spots? As a way of making sure we have strong representation across the colleges
  • MH: can’t force anyone to run, but of course want to make it as easy as possible for students in all colleges to run and participate; don’t want an education major to necessarily have to secure a couple hundred votes in competing with engineering majors, science majors, etc.
  • JS: could we look into promoting that there are these spots reserved for the smaller colleges?
  • MH: I think that’s an excellent idea and I can relay that along to Emma Schaefer, Elections Director
  • MR: with the growing student body, have you considered growing the number of senators at all to accommodate that, perhaps as a certain percentage of the student body?
  • MH: good point, but issue there might be our facilities since we don’t have a ton of space now; but a good idea and not something I had previously considered, I don’t think it’s feasible right now, but could see the elections getting more competitive and the seats being more sought after
  • MR: aware that this building and Johnstone are going to be eliminated, would you be interested in changing that if facilities weren’t an issue in the future?
  • MH: of course something to consider moving forward
  • PG: what if no one for example from the sophomore class runs?
  • MH: yes, sure that could be added in with the section on college seats being returned to at-large
  • BB: would you be open to writing out ‘64’ in line 13 to keep consistent with the rest of the bylaws?
  • MH: sure, I can change that before next week
  • JC: could also consider changing chairman to chairperson?
  • MH: still want to maintain formality, and we thought chairperson was more casual, and we typically refer to chairpeople as just chairs currently
  • ZP: what would be the process of changing actual student government constitution?
  • MH: can be done in here or by a petition of 10% of student body with ⅔ voting for it
  • PT: move to send this bill back to F&P
  • SB 24 is now back in F&P


  • Gender-neutral phrasing in SB24
  • Paw Pantry Donations
  • Cones for a Cause
  • City Council 11/27
  • Killian McDonald
  • SM: Clemson UNICEF having a hunger banquet next Wednesday at 7pm in Hendrix, with presentations on food insecurity as well as a presentation by the Paw Pantry
  • ZP: CUSG partnering with ‘Candy for the Troops’ this is a points opportunity (put your name on the candy in the front lobby)
  • AC: working on public art project in downtown Clemson, in process of forming an RSO, so let me know if you want to work with me on that
  • JL: OCHF is next Monday!! Also encourage you guys to sign up for ALLY training
  • EH: passing out Halloween candy tomorrow between classes, please sign up! Also Tunnel of Oppression is coming up in January and there is a script-writing contest for the rooms in that
  • BB: selling discount cards for restaurants around Clemson; also I volunteer with a group called Clemson Hope and they’ll be doing a Christmas for these kids, let me know if you want to get involved
  • JC: poll will be coming out for an archive tour on the last week of November
  • MH: move to adjourn
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