Sports Photography JOU121 ~ Photojournalism

Sports photography can happen on many levels. From professional sports to college and high school sports to a pick up game of basketball, sand-lot baseball or any other sport organized by a group of enthusiasts.

Your challenge is to delve into sports photography and come away with story-telling images - whether capturing the peak of action, a thought-provoking moment or even a humorous moment. Here are a selection of images to inspire and guide your vision.

Jonathan Newton ~ Washington Post

We looked at very recent professional sports images from Jonathan. Here are a selection of non-pro sports images. Ask yourself: What is it about these images that not only capture the essence of the particular sport but also show Jonathan's sheer love of capturing great moments?

Notice the variation in approaches...from a simple beach volleyball shot to his use of shutter speeds capturing action.

Veronica Holyfield ~ Former student assignment

Look what Veronica was able to capture and convey using only the Nikon D3200 and 18-55 lens you are using. The first set is captured at ISO 3200 and she's done an excellent job of tailoring her vision within the limitations of her equipment.

ISO 3200 Shutter speeds appx. 1/250th ~ f-stops appx. 3.5

For this series Veronica created a feature piece on a local womens' softball league.

Look at the range of images here! Veronica has captured everything from action shots to arty images to human emotion images. My favorite still is the shot above right with the two players, the glove in back pocket and baseball glove from behind. What are your favorite images? Why? What do those images evoke in you?

Matthew Lit ~ Tough Mudder

Covering an entire event: Here is a small selection from covering an extreme race from beginning to end.

Remember to look for story-telling pictures to support your overall vision (such as the Tough Mudder sign and shoes at the race's end).

What will you go and photograph?

  • Local sports such as little league, local leagues, etc.
  • Organized sports on campus...actual games or even practices where you'll have more access.
  • A race of some sort.


  • Access to the sport. Will you need permission (especially if the photos are of minors)?
  • Day or night? (Think Exposure Triangle!)
  • How close can you get?
  • Situational Awareness! Know what's happening around you.

Questions? Be sure to email me or text me.

~ 30 ~

Created By
Matthew Lit


Photographs are copyright respective artists: Jonathan Newton (Washington Post); Veronica Holyfield (former PJ student) and Matt Lit (me!).

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