Fastelavn By: Michael Romano

Every year around late Feburary the People of Denmark celebrate the holiday know as Fastelavn. The kids celebrate and dress up for this special occasion
To begin Fastelavn is basically the Halloween of Denmark and Scandinavia, the difference is that theirs has a bigger meaning than ours
Fastelavn is celebrated for the changing of religions in the Country of Denmark and Scandinavian area. The People of Denmark changed their religion of Christianity to Lutheranism.
The diffrence between our Halloween and Fastelavn is that their's signifies a big part in their regions history and ours is mostly just for fun. Our Halloween
During Fastelavn they eat many pastries and dessert like foods during this holiday. The most common food id a pastry filled with cream cheese.
During Fastelavn kids will dress up in costumes and go to school and wear them for the day to celebrate. They play games and celebrate throughout the entire day
The Blue countries which include Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden all celebrate Fastelavn. But Denmark is one of the bigger enthusiasts of it.
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