Life As We Knew It Written by Susan Beth Pfeffer

About Myself; Miranda Evans

I would describe myself as sensible because I know what to do in a situation, determined because I want to help my family as much as possible, and brave because I don't sit around and cry like when someone died, I did what they told me to do as their last wish

My Genre

I fit in at high schools and apocalyptic environments and natural disasters. I also like to write and document in my diary about what is happening in my life and events.

Where I'm from

I grew up in Northern Pennsylvania for all my childhood, everything is was fine until a meteor impacted the moon and brought it closer to Earth. Bringing us to a cold apocalypse with natural disasters happening all over the world. There is barely any food left in the world and Gas prices are really high now. Ten dollars for a gallon...that's my world though

What makes me attractive

I'm actually not as skinny as you thought I would be with the lack of food, I'm above average looking but not pass beautiful, I have light brown hair and amber eyes. I never treated a person bad even my brothers and I'm very observant of people and their body language. I used to be a rude girl but I changed now.

How I stick out

I stick out then the rest of my competition because of my pretty colors on my cover and good title. Also I have a good amount of pages for a tease to read ;))


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