Harn Museum Austin Tarala

Medium of the Art / Technique

The texture on this Florida Landscape by William Morris Hunt painted a realistic picture of the natural flora and environment native to North Florida. The contrast between the soft brush strokes of the water and sky were very different than the harsh, deep strokes on the trees. The emphasis on mood and tone is very apparent here and helps idealize the landscape as soft and beautiful. This artwork really resonated with me and brought back happy memories due to my longtime history living in Florida and visiting the rivers of Northern Florida.

Design of the Museum

The design of this back room was definitely my favorite part of the Harn Museum. It was filled with a variety of Indian work which seemed very open due to the large windows overlooking the beautiful garden. By incorporating a beautiful, open design within the museum it really entices visitors to reflect on the artwork whether that be the various sculptures or the beauty of the garden. The openness also takes away from the cluttered feelings of most museums and allows you to experience the beauty of each individual piece of art.

Art and Core Values

This was definitely the most interesting part of the Harn to me due to the sheer beauty and work invested in this garden. The scene to me characterizes peace, happiness, and true serenity which are values very close to my heart. Walking through the garden was relaxing and cleared my mind of the normal clutter of everyday life. This made me realize I have to feed my desire for peace and serenity through environments like this whether they be manmade like this or natural like the various nature parks around Gainesville. The sound of the waterfalls was especially relaxing to me.

Art and the Good Life

This artwork definitely entails the Good Life theme of human cooperation and the importance of close human connections. Whether this be a family or a club of bikers, this community of peers allows us to experience the good life. Through human interaction and the celebration of life with others we can learn to be at peace with ourselves. This also can fit the Good Life theme of embodying the Good Life due to the exercise of the body. The artist emphasizes the importance of human togetherness and physical health through the peaceful biking scene through the countryside.

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