The Life and Trials of a Mexican Immigrant By: Edward kingston & Bradley rodas

Why do people come from Mexico to the U.S.?

This graph shows that most people leave Mexico because of the crime rates. Economy, illegal drugs, and corrupt politics are among the other reasons people leave.

How many people come to the U.S legally from Mexico compared to illegally?

Roughly 48% of immigrants from Mexico are illegal. That makes up for 6.5 million immigrants of our 13.7.

Who deports the most people a year?

The police department ICE is responsible for deporting the most people in the U.S.A. It was founded on March 1st, 2003 by reason of bad security on borders.

On the topic of ICE, how many immigrants on average get deported a year?

This graph shows the average deportation of illegal immigrants a year done by ICE is 346,547 immigrants.

Where do legal American-born children go if their parents get detained?

These are just 2 of the heart breaking stories from kids who have parents that got detained. 1 in 4 deported immigrants leave children behind. These children either go to a registered guardian or if no guardian a foster home.

Do people who immigrant from Mexico keep in touch with their family back home?

This graph shows that the majority *78%* send money back to their families in Mexico. This is just one of the ways they keep in touch. In the previous slide it showed how many skype and whatsapp almost every night.

Can deported parents meet with their families in person?

Friendship Park is the only place along the border families can meet. It allows deported parents to meet with un-detained kids etc. The issue is many think it is a embarrassment.

Emma Sanchez is one of the three moms from the documentary "Separated" I have previously linked. She talks about friendship park along with her daughter and share their point of view.

What state houses the most illegal Mexican immigrants?

California currently has the highest illegal immigrant population, but they only account for 6.8%. In Nevada the illegal immigrant population accounts for 7.2%.

What Types of Jobs do Latino immigrants work?

This graph shows the majority of undocumented immigrants work service jobs *33%*. U.S born immigrants are in mostly in professional, management, and business work places.

Do the majority of Latino Immigrants pay taxes?

This shows that undocumented immigrants average a effective tax rate of 8%. While most people in the top 1 percent of taxpayers pay a average tax rate of 5.4%.

Ed's Personal Opinion: I believe no one human is illegal. We all deserve the same respect as anyone else. We should all get the same welcome as anyone else anywhere. It disgusts me that anyone can strip someone of their family when it all boils down to it, we are just people. People living together.
Bradley's Person Opinion: My personal opinion is that nobody should deserve hate. I also feel like immigrants should be treated the same as other people living in the U.S.
Honorable Quotes: "No one leaves Home unless Home is the mouth of a shark" - Warsan Shire. "If we hate upon all who need shelter, who will be there to shelter us from the hate?" - Edward Kingston

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