Strategic Brief: St. Paul united Methodist church

What is Adobe Sparks?

It is a way to create media in a unique and different way that's never been done before. One can design pictures using Adobe Post, one can make slideshows using Adobe Page, and one can make videos using Adobe Video. These formats all come together to make a beautiful piece of art to showcase whatever topic is desired. The challenges then become learning all there is to know about each Adobe platform, but with patience it will be well worth it to see visually appealing media.

Client - St. Paul United Methodist Church

2000 Douglass Blvd I Louisville, KY 40205

As a non-profit organization, St. Paul is in their own words, as seen in the graphic I created below:

Focusing on this organization will help the community in the zip code 40205 because St. Paul does so much to give back. They deserve praise.

Key Audiences

People living in the zip code of 40205 are key audience because they are the ones going to be the most impacted from this brief. Currently living in 40205, I know my audience better than most. I know that Highlanders love to recycle, reuse and reduce. They don't like to drive far because living in the Highlands one can walk almost anywhere because everything is so close together. The age and wealth varies from middle-class to very high upper-class with most being pretty liberal and progressive.

Strategic Mindset

The unique characteristics of my focus on St. Paul are using the different Adobe platforms, such as Adobe Page. It's a great alternative from Microsoft PowerPoint and from other common alternatives, such as Prezi, which can give viewers a headache from all of the animations. I want to share the story of St. Paul's great deeds from a yearly basis to a daily basis.




I challenge viewers who see this page to be inspired by St. Paul to create buzz about them in their local community. I challenge Highlanders to realize how important St. Paul is to the community by seeing all that they do.

Additional resources to understand Adobe Sparks products can be found on Adobe's official Sparks page or by heading over to GraphicStock's site. Adobe's official site for their Sparks products is an in-depth tutorial. GraphicStocks shows examples of how creative one can get with Adobe Spark's products and what nifty features can be found.

Contact Information

For more information about St. Paul visit their website

Or to contact me here is my Twitter and Instagram.


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