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Project 4: Ten Step Instagram Story

Project 2: Visual Filter of a Universal Truth

This second project was extremely interesting to me for two reasons. Primarily, I have never used Adobe Illustrator before, so it was great to learn how to work with the program. Additionally, I have always wanted to learn how to create a snapchat geofilter. I had no idea it was as easy as it ended up being and feel as though I will definitely use this new skill in the near future. As far as the project goes, the universal truth I chose was "Laughing is the best medicine" which I tailored to "Laughing is nature's medicine" to sound more like me. Therefore, I chose a laughing emoji and a pill bottle as my artwork to be traced in Illustrator. Furthermore, I felt my filter needed a little more so I added a design in the top right corner to resemble sunshine because it tied in with the nature part of my truth and because sunshine reminds me of happiness. Throughout my project, I ran into some challenges in terms of exporting because I forgot to erase the original template details that posed as guidances and I forgot to click "use artboard", which causes the file to save only the images within the set boundary, not the entire image that spills off the sides. All in all, I really enjoyed this project.

A photo reel of my project starting with the images I chose to use, then my struggle with the leftover template details, then my transparent filter, then my selfie with the filter without clicking "use artboard", until finally the finished product!
Images that represent ME

My goal for this class are simple. I want to develop my skills on social media. As a student in the Journalism School studying advertising, people automatically assume that I am an expert on all social media and creative platforms. Although I do feel a little more advanced than say, my mother, I wouldn't say that I'm extremely knowledgable in the types of content that certain social media platforms require. Therefore, I'm hoping to learn, understand and be able to produce useful, intriguing content for each type of medium form. With my mother starting up a new business, I would love to be able to help her launch into the world of advertising through social media in a professional, educated manner. Thus, I'm looking forward to a great term!

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