Little Red Spider By:Daisy Saldivar

There was 3 spiders in a house the mom,dad and the baby.No one living in the house knew they were there behind the couch but they were there.

One day the dad spider came out and the little boy that lived in the house was sitting down playing on the ground.Then he starts crying and his mom runs and gets him and they see that the spider had bit him then the spider tried to run but the dad runs and gets a shoe and kills it.

Then afterward they check to see if there is any other spiders around and they move the couch and they find the momma spider and they smashed it.Just in time the baby spiders runs away to hide.

A couple weeks after the little girl that lived in the house found the baby spider but it wasnt so much of a baby anymore.She starting cry and says "there is a big O red spider HELP"and then the spider trys to escape but it didnt get very far this time by when it was killed.

There was finally no more spiders and the kids were not afraid anymore.

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