Julianne Bridgeman Real Estate Professional and Consultant

As a 17-year real estate professional, I have always believed that I am not in the housing business but rather in the people business. My approach, therefore, is to first and foremost foster strong relationships by setting mutual reasonable and attainable expectations, sharing honest feedback, assembling a team of professionals, and communicating in a timely, effective manner. With this as a foundation, I help my clients reach their ultimate goal ... the sale or acquisition of property.

It All Starts with a Plan

You have to start with a detailed plan and then execute it. There is no winging it.

  • Communicate the plan
  • Create the team
  • Listen and learn
  • Offer advice
  • Support your decisions
  • Set expectations
  • Communicate the plan again
  • Be on top of the details
  • Create Clients for Life

Purchasing a new home is an exciting adventure by way of a daunting and stressful process. I'm here as the team leader to guide you every step of the way.

The Best Place to Start ...

Step 1: It's All About You

Our initial consultation allows time to review your individualized needs and timing. Your wish list is way more than bedrooms and bathrooms. This is just the beginning.

Step 2: Something About Me

Most buyers come to me by way of a personal referral ... former clients know all about my process of guiding you from Point A to Point B as smoothly as possible.

Step 3: Getting Ready

It's rare that buyers have the confidence and wherewithal to write an offer right out of the gate. We use our first weeks together to build a knowledge base. This is the time to explore the community and its different neighborhoods, review recent sales, discuss market metrics, get a pre-approval, and test the latest technology that will facilitate the process.

Step 4: Writing a Compelling Offer

The goal in a competitive market is to have your offer rise to the top. Learn how to compete across all elements of an offer.

Step 5: Clear, Consistent and Constant Communication

Over the years I have crafted and refined communications for each defined period in the purchase timeline. At any point you'll know what I'm doing to support you and what tasks will keep you on target. I operate with the assumption that more information and guidance are always better than less.

Information vs. Knowledge

In the internet age buyers have access to more information than ever. But with that information comes a false sense of confidence. It is market and industry knowledge honed over hundreds of transactions that adds value to the acquisition of one of your largest investments.


A well-crafted plan, market knowledge and unwavering support will get you over the finish line. My professional fee for MLS listed properties is paid by the seller.


Let's Get Started!


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