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Life at the beginning of this semester was downright terrible. I had just had a very miserable winter break because of issues at home because of the grades and was struggling to just realize what I wanted to do in life. My scholarship was in jeopardy (still is) and my grades were terrible. I felt alone and lost here at Clemson and for the first time in my life I felt like I didn't belong at Clemson and I was born and raised a Clemson fan. Now, this isn't to say everything is all fine and dandy now because it isn't at all. My scholarship is still hanging on by a thread, my major is switching and that has a bunch of complications, I might have to go to summer school, and I still don't have a friend group up here. On the bright side, my grades have drastically improved. I've learned a lot throughout this semester and how to handle myself as a mature adult on a college campus. No one hands out favors or information. You have to go and get it and sometimes that can be a tall task. I made a lot of changes in my priorities. No more girl drama. No more skipping so many classes and skipping homework. I still stay up too late and forget to go the gym but it's better than it was before. By no means has this been a complete 180 but it's better than nothing. I'm glad I took charge of my semester because if I never did I wouldn't be coming back here this fall. I learned a lot about myself and what I want in my life and I'm happier because of that. I've finally found out what I want to do or rather what fits me personality-wise in a career and that's hopefully secondary education administration. That's the plan as of now and I'm sticking with it. The beginning of the semester used to be pretty dark but now things are a little bit lighter and I'm looking forward to this upcoming fall semester because I see it as a fresh start here at Clemson. Thank you for helping me get through this semester because I really did learn a lot in your class.

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