TMBS News May 2021

Year 7 inter-form - the competition continues

The last newsletter was published just before the Easter challenge took place. The lucky winners were 7E!

But the competition didn't end there..... The next challenge for Year 7 was to create their own Haka. The Haka is a type of ceremonial Māori dance or challenge. Haka are usually performed in a group and typically represent a display of a tribe's pride, strength and unity. Actions include foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant.

7B had the well deserved win with their heartfelt performance.


We are seven B. We may be last but we have not lost. We are coming for you all and you should be afraid. Because we are….

E whitu nga pi. Kaore ano kia mutu te katoa. No te mea ko matou….. - Maori Translation

  • Spanish - Wisdom - Sabiduria - Sa-bi-du-ria - Slapping legs
  • German - Resilience - Elastizitat - El-as-tiz-tit-ee-et - Slapping elbows
  • Italian - Intelligent - Intelligente - In-tell-ee-jen-tay - Slapping chest
  • Latin - Sporty - Picanto - Pee-can-toe - Slapping Legs
  • Russian - Great - большой - Bol-sh-oi - Slapping elbows
  • Maori - Teamwork - Mahi tahi- Ma-he-Ta-he Down on one knee
  • Polish - Funny - Zabawny - Za-bav-nay - Mr Shepherd says, 7B get back up
  • Portuguese - Honest - Honesta - Oh-nes-ta - Slapping legs
  • Danish - Perseverance - Vytrvalost - Vi-tra-va-lost - Slapping Elbows
  • Korean - Special - Tokubetsu - Toe-cue-bet-su - Slapping chest
  • Japanese - Fair - Tasnigi - Tie-snay-gi - Slapping Legs
  • Chinese - Independent - Dúlì de - Doooo-lee-da - Slapping Elbows
  • Indonesian - Hardworking - Kerja keras - Ker-jar-ker-as - Slapping chest
  • French - Courageous - Courageux - Coo-raj-oo - Thumb across the throat
  • Maori - Proactive - Takitaki - Ta-key-ta-key - Thumb across the throat

To view the video please visit our website: https://www.tmbs.leics.sch.uk/News/

Miss Hooton was equally as proud of 7E for their Haka entry.


I would like to thank and acknowledge 7E for their continued efforts, enthusiasm and creativity during tutor time this term! Our inter-form challenges have been so much fun and I've been so proud of our ability to work as a team and support each other, especially during our remake of our very own 'Haka' and our netball tournament! Go 7E! Keep up the good work! - Miss Hooton

Year 7's final inter-form challenge was Netball. We are well underway with 7B already claiming a place in the final. 7C & 7F will face each other in the semi final after half term to decide who will play 7B in the final.

It has been a nail biting year for Year 7 challenges. The enthusiasm, efforts, excitement and many laughs shared by everyone has been so much fun to be a part of. Well done Year 7 (& tutors), you have been amazing!

Heroes Stamp Competition

Year 7s also had the opportunity to create a new Royal Mail Heroes Stamp for the chance to win £1000 for their family and have their design printed. We have received some fantastic entries and wish all those who took part the best of luck!

Year 9 inter-form competition

For their inter-form competition, Year 9 tutor groups were asked to create a portrait of their tutor. We were blown away by the amazing talent and artistic flair some of our students have.

Winning portrait - Miss Stokes by Ella Taylor
2nd place - Miss Fisher by Molly Sorohan and 3rd place - Miss Patterson by Chloe Goadby
Miss Armstrong, Mr Cook, Mr Pervin & Mrs Lloyd

News from the Science Dept

The future’s bright, the future’s orange; and for Year 7 Science STEM club this was the case as they extracted orange oil from orange peel. This process of distillation is used in the perfume industry and our budding scientists were able to smell the fruits of their labour as orange oil formed in their test tube.

The Science Garden is undergoing renovation, as we replace the raised beds and bring the garden back to life. Mrs Wright worked with some of our key worker children during lockdown to completely clear the garden and plant some seeds and bulbs. We will keep you updated with the progress in the garden as it springs into life.

Our Year 8 junior journalists have been publishing a weekly science newsletter, with help from Mr Shepherd. Working as a team they decide the features and layout, then deliver the newsletter to KS3 tutor groups. So far they have researched Australian bushfires, moon landings and many other topics.

PE Report

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to us as a department over the past 12 months+, none more so than how we keep PE COVID safe, but still a key part of the timetable with the challenges of social distancing. However, we have not let these challenges deter us, instead we have used it as a chance to seek out opportunities to improve and refine the curriculum offer for our students. We have delivered new units of work in table tennis to the key stage 3 boys and also a host of new fitness activities with an underpinning of the benefits of exercise during our online delivery in Lockdown 3 to KS3 & 4. Thank you to all of our students for your continued commitment and effort throughout the year so far.

Upon our return to school, and face-to-face teaching, we decided as a department to deliver a new unit, our ‘alternative’ curriculum, where girls had the opportunity to experience football/rugby and the boys likewise with netball. We are acutely aware of the strong presence of girls' sports teams within the local area, namely that of the girls football teams at AFC Market Bosworth, and Desford. However, we are also aware of the significant number that may have not had an opportunity to play football competitively against their peers before.

It was fantastic to deliver a new unit of work to groups of committed girls who at first approached with a sense of trepidation that quickly evolved into excitement and commitment, with many smiling faces in the sunshine! The progress that all girls made in football throughout the 4-week block was great to see, with the standard of football dramatically improving in all groups from week 1-4. Some of the highlights included Evie (Year 7) scoring a goal straight from a corner, the sheer determination and tenacity of Olivia (Year 9), the great goal keeping of Holly (Year 7), the skill and flair of Olivia, Cammy, Emily & Anastasia (Year 7), and Isabelle, Bryony, Susannah, Grace & Martha (Year 8) to name a few. As a department we agreed that our ‘alternative’ curriculum was a roaring success and will remain a fixture on our curriculum model for next year and beyond. Well-done girls, looking forward to teaching you next year! Mr Humphreys

PS Don’t forget to check out our new Twitter handle @TMBS_PE & and a reminder that our extra curricular programme returns on 7th June 2021, striking and fielding activities Monday-Thursday, Year 7-10 respectively.

Boys' netball

At the start of our alternative curriculum boys' netball block, there were a variety of mind sets. Some students embraced the opportunity to play a new game, some were excited to play a game they had had the opportunity to participate in at primary school, whilst others were a little bit more sceptical.

However, as the weeks progressed it was lovely to see some attitudes change and embrace this new opportunity. Most boys made excellent progress throughout the four weeks, not only in developing and applying new skills, but particularly in acquiring knowledge of positions and basic rules of the game.

We mainly focused on high 5 netball in this unit of work.

7A boys were by far the stand out group. Their enthusiasm and teamwork were second to none. This year group have also had the opportunity to play some mixed 7 a-side netball as an inter form competition during registration. Miss Hadkiss kindly offered to officiate these very competitive fixtures and was extremely impressed with all the students involved.

Since the introduction of the new GCSE PE 9-1 course a number of our boys have used netball as their third sport and have achieved good grades for it. It has tended to work well for both basketball and rugby players who already have excellent ball handling skills. We felt introducing the sport in Year 7 would help to enhance potential grades even further, as unlike the girls football there are a lack of boys' netball clubs locally and nationally.

Hopefully we will get the opportunity to arrange some fixtures against other schools. In the meantime we can enjoy the inter form competitions at TMBS and embrace the opportunity of being able to play another competitive team game with our friends.

Thanks to Mrs Smith for all her help and support in lessons and to all the boys who rose to the challenge.

Perfect Picnic

Year 10 catering students cooked up a perfect picnic lunch this week, with treats including scones, quiches and sausage rolls. It's the perfect time to enjoy some al fresco dining now the sun has made a welcome appearance!

Mr Palmer Shows His True Colours

Mr Palmer showed he was a true Leicester City fan, when he baked blue and white cup cakes in honour of Leicester City's FA Cup Final match. His patriotism obviously did the trick - with the Foxes bringing the FA Cup home!

A reminder that students must have their canteen cards at all times. Lost cards will be replaced at a cost of £2.20. And finally, a recurring plea to please regularly check your child's catering account and top up if necessary.

Good Luck Year 11

For the majority of Year 11 this week will be the last week of their time with us at TMBS after what has been a very difficult year for all of us. We have been incredibly impressed with the positivity, dedication and hard work our Year 11s have demonstrated, in such challenging circumstances. We would like to wish Year 11 the very best for the next stage of their journey and every success for their future.

Governing Board

TMBS are currently considering adding skilled Governors to our experienced Board. We are particularly interested in hearing from parents or members of the community with experience of Law, HR Policies & Processes, Schools or Multi Academy Trusts. If you are interested please contact Mrs Chauhan, Clerk to Governors, in the first instance at achauhan@tmbs.org.uk