Nucleus By: Ronald and Chelsea

The nucleus contains nearly all the Cell's DNA. The nucleus is surrounded by a nuclear envelope composed of two membranes. In the same way the nucleus is the control center of the cell
The nucleus is a cellular organelle that is only present in Eukaryotas. Prokaryotic does not have any DNA contained in the nucleus. The also nucleus is usually the largest organelle present in a cell. Another thing is that its main function is to regulate gene expression; it also controls cellular growth and replication.
The administrator's in our school is like the Nucleus because the administrator makes sure that employees remain focused on assigned tasked and the Nucleus contains proteins and acids that control the majority of the cell's functions.
The location of the nucleus can vary, depending on the type of the cell. The usual location of the nucleus is at the center (animal cells), but it can also be at the outer edge. The reason why is because the vacuole takes the central position in the plant cell.


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