Weekly Wrap-Up in the #PAHouse week of june 3, 2019

Bills passed in the PA House during the week of June 3, 2019

Bills heading to the Senate for consideration:

• HB 630 (Rep. Gary Day, R-Lehigh/Berks): Would provide employment protections to Pennsylvania residents who are members of a National Guard or Reserve unit in another state. Vote 192-0.

• HB 869 (Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, R-Lehigh/Berks): Would expand the types of vehicles eligible for a refund from the liquid fuels tax to include ready-mix concrete mixers using a power takeoff unit. Vote 191-1.

• HB 1001 (Rep. Donna Oberlander, R-Clarion/Armstrong/Forest): Would establish standards for the licensure and regulation of human milk banks in PA. Vote 191-1.

• HB 1050 (Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria): Would establish enrollment requirements for military personnel, veterans and their families to help qualify for in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities. Vote 192-0.

• HB 1387 (Rep. Carl Metzgar, R-Somerset/Bedford): Would designate a bridge on a portion of S.R. 2016 over the Casselman River in Somerset County as the PFC Alton Glenn Sterner Memorial Bridge. Vote 196-0.

• HB 1388 (Rep. Carl Metzgar, R-Somerset/Bedford): Would designate a bridge on a portion of S.R. 96 over the Little Wills Creek in Bedford County as the Staff Sgt. Roger (Rod) Guy Holler Memorial Bridge. Vote 196-0.

• HB 364 (Rep. Matt Gabler, R-Clearfield/Elk): Authorizes the use of revolving and flashing yellow lights for school vehicles, which are vehicles smaller than school buses that transport school students, such as vans and minivans. Vote 196-0.

• HB 775 (Rep. Russ Diamond, R-Lebanon): Requires the Department of Aging to cross reference its list of beneficiaries with death records maintained by the Department of Health on a monthly basis. Vote 196-0.

• HB 1016 (Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Allegheny): Would provide regulatory oversight of fraternal benefit societies’ solvency. Vote 196-0.

• HB 1325 (Rep. Jason Ortitay, R-Allegheny/Washington): Would update sentencing provisions when an individual is convicted of trespass resulting from a violation of state casino or video gaming terminal self-exclusion list. Vote 196-0.

• HB 360 (Rep. Jesse Topper, R-Bedford/Franklin/Fulton): Would set age 18 as the minimum age for obtaining a marriage license. Vote 195-0.

• HB 672 (Rep. Jason Ortitay, R-Allegheny/Washington): Would provide for parental authority over a minor's mental health treatment. Vote 195-0.

• HB 858 (Rep. Rosemary Brown, R-Monroe/Pike): Would create the Incentive Based Savings Program Act to authorize and permit financial institutions to conduct savings promotion programs. Vote 195-0.

• HB 924 (Rep. Tarah Toohil, R-Luzerne): Would prohibit discrimination by a life, accident or health insurer based on an insured’s status as a living organ or tissue donor. Vote 195-0.

• HB 1402 (Rep. Tedd Nesbit, R-Mercer/Butler): Would establish the offense of sexual extortion. Vote 195-0.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives returns to voting session on Monday, June 10 at 1 p.m.

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