Olivia's wild adventure to Jamestown by caroline madaio

In this odd fort of Jamestowne there are many wild things that ought to be right out of a fairy tail like these people wearing ragged strips off leather. The people here call them "Indians" and explained to me that that is why they where armor covering their vital organs and head in the case of an attack from the Indians. They also explained to me that they didn't fight with mouskits but these things called "bows, and arrows" that are home made, I have never geared if such thing! To be honest Jamestowne is a wretched place, where the men smell to badly to even go near them, but I dare not tell father because he says that "this is a great investment on my part, our family will gain even more wealth from this colony" I simply ask him "Why? We are already in the gentry, we don't need any more money, we have a mansion in London. Why are we risking our lives for this project?" I think that it's a waste of valuable time and money, and, I'm only fourteen, ALMOST a lady I'm supposed to have a long life ahead! Well diary, bye for now, I can't wait to continue to tell you my stories.

The tools here are like normal tools. I would've expected that their tools would be different due to their "lack of common nesccesities". Turns out' I was wrong. They use scissors, axes, hammers, hoes. Everything any bushwacker in England would need!

One tool we saw was a gimbled comass which was a compass built into a box.

Dear diary,

The houses here look exactly like England's houses! They make me feel like I'm back home in Englands warm embrace with the King by my side. I love these houses. The only problem is that it's a law that I have to sleep with someone. I also have to have a job! In England my only job was to marry rich, have multiple kids, and be at the height of fashion! I hat that I have to pull my weight. We own one of the biggest houses here but it's still no comparison to our family mansion in England.


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