The Renaissance Reaganary Van

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

How did the reopening of the Silk Road help spark the Renaissance?

The reopening of th Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. The reopening helped travelers trade with people in Europe and get things they needed. The reopening of the Silk Road increased trade in Europe. Many people used the Silk Road for trade to get many goods. In conclusion, the reopening of the Silk Road helped travelers trade in Europe.

This is Marco Polo he is a traveler and messenger for 20 years.
Marco Polo used this route to get to China and back to Europe. Orange is his route east, red is his return, blue is the Silk Road, and green is the Mongol Empire.
Marco Polo was the first European to travel to Asia and tell his story.

Italian Trade Cities

The Medici Family

The top left photo is the architecture that the Medici family. The top right is the art made by the Medici family. The bottom photo is a picture of Florence.

Rediscovering the Past

How did Greek and Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the Renaissance?

Greek and the Roman Ideas helped shape the Renassiance. It helped shape it because discovered Ideas from Rome and Greek. The Roman and Greek Ideas were humanity and importance of nature. The statues from Renaissance time and Classical times you can see they are very similar. Both of the states who the human body and it looks like the statutes can come to life.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The article shows some of his inventions. It shows his inspirations for inventing these things. It also tells when he built them and how he got his ideas. He invented the Helicopter, Parachute, 33-Barreled Organ, Armored Car, Giant Crossbow, Triple Barrel Cannonn, and more.

The top left corner is an invention of making people fly. Top right is his invention about a giant crossbow. At the bottom is a invention about a armored tank.


The video focuses who Michelangelo is and his art.

Paper and Printing (Johann Gutenberg)

Top left is a picture of one of their books they printed. Top right is a picture of what they used to print. Bottom picture under the top 2 is a picture of the moveable type.

It had an impact of literacy because people used spanimal skin to write. Only Monks were educated, so they were the only people who knew how to read. Once they started printing people started to learn how to read and get an education.

Renaissance Writing (William Shakespeare)

William attracted a huge audience with his writing because hoof the genres he wrote about. Ever since

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