The 9 Types of Posts Every Business Should Try



  • What's New Tips, Tricks, Tools and Facts from the Pros: Did You Know Based Posts (2,4,7,8,9) A sub-category here is the motivational quote post (Monday morning motivation etc)
  • Total Body Wellness (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9)
  • Customer Feedback Posts (2,3,5,7,8,9)
  • Hood Happenings (1,7,8,9)
  • Behind The Scenes Posts (2,3,5,7,8,9)
  • Products and Promos- Informational Posts Re: Services Offered and Massage Types (2,3,7,8,9)

Many of these can fulfill several different categories so make sure to vary the posts and hit the nine types at least every two weeks.

With all of these posts it is imperative you keep a few things in mind. The most important being the 80/20 Rule of Social Media. 80% of what you post should be informative, entertaining and useful for your followers with only 20% being promotional. And secondly you are looking to engage customers and position yourself as an expert in your field. Conversations will get you followers! Useful information gets you followers! Real engagement will get you followers! Hounding and sales pitches will get you ignored!

Current Trending Hashtags

Stay on top of the trends and be a leader in the area with whats happening. Know the best hashtags... current list below, and watch what is being posted by others. Also pay attention to key influencers on Instagram and be aware of what they are pushing and how it may impact your business. Hollywood too... who is getting a specific type of massage that they may swear by they may not be the best role models they carry some weight in a pop culture influenced market.

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Spring is here and people have begun their spring cleaning and spring exercising routines, is your body sore after a couple days of working out, why not add a massage routine to your weekly routine, just like stretching it can help your muscles recover more quickly.

What are people currently talking about on massage blogs, health and wellness blogs etc. Whats trending on twitter. Do you agree or not?

This is one of the best ways to create content for your newsletter and utilize it to populate your social media posts for a couple days as long as you mix in other posts. When doing these types of posts make sure to present your reasoning or impactful stats behind what you say to help establish yourself as an expert!

At least once a week try to post about your favorite tips tricks or lifehacks. Remember your goal is to be authentic and engaging PLUS provide useful information! I found an article last month that referred to what businesses do on Social as "Edutaining" and thats the best way to describe it.

The 5 Unhealthy habits we all need to stop right now, and a doctor explains.

Yup, you got this one down pat! Its all about filling in the customer on what is happening not only in massage but also in the overall health and fitness world. Don't forget about food. Something to keep in mind here is to make the images and posts your own and make sure they are branded where possible. You are the expert, you want them to think of you whenever they need massage services or think of you when someone else does.

When you see something you want to reference drop it into a google folder you can access via the Google Drive App on your phone, tablet or home computer or use an app like Evernote! When you get a few down seconds you can upload and schedule posts to HootSuite in advance or send them to your trusty neighborhood social media manager.

Fiance and I each had an appointment, simultaneously with separate therapists, as a gift for his birthday. But we also very much needed a good healing massage. And that's what we got! Each of our therapists talked with us about our issues and health histories before our massage, and most importantly - listened. Providers were very "present" in the appointment, and highly professional. We didn't want the massages to end! We left relaxed and loose. We liked everything about Eye Street Massage. It's a pleasant, welcoming, impeccably clean, and zen environment devoted exclusively to massage therapies. Personally, I'm glad it's not part of a nail or hair salon, etc. Easy location, too, right near two Metro stations.

These may seem hard but every business no matter what should celebrate the successes the positive customer reviews and the way to go moments. People love to see winners and they appreciate those who do the hard work to be successful. Your clients happiness reflects on you without you having to talk about yourself. This is a major part of building brand identity and establishing yourself as an expert AKA Winner. Celebrate even the little milestones it adds the heart to the brand! And always feature a photo of the client

Always make sure to watermark the photos with you logo and use a unique hashtag along with others

Hood happenings are a great way to mix in the food, flavor and likes from your surroundings as they may interplay with your business. These types of posts are essential to keep you and your profile from running too far away from being human... in other words these are the posts that help add the heart and show that you are a member of the general society!!

Our friends down the street just announced their new spring menu- and we can not wait to get over to try out some of the new items! Not an everyday lunch spot for the health and wellness conscious among us but a special treat when you need comfort food! I mean how good does that look!

These are probably the hardest to do but they are also what gives any business a heart on Instagram, these are peeks into what the culture of your business is. Remember however to always be on brand! There are a few ways to do these and I recommend using all of the ways to keep content varied.

  • Day in the Life: Highlight things that usually happen in your day, a pre-opening meeting, lunchtime chatter, shared news about employees. Remember Instagram is very visual so make sure you have a good brand appropriate visual. Think of these as a quick filtered peek into the back of the house.
  • Employee Takeovers: These are combined between the Instagram Story and your feed with just a couple refined images in the feed that are on brand and the rest in the story. The story can be less refined it is set up to be snapchatty for a reason! And it does not stay on your feed!
  • Employee Profiles- these are a bit harder but they are great for morale and a great way to feature specific employee on social media. Ask a set of questions to an employee and take some cool fun photos and viola.
Example of an employee takeover at the Bookstore these are the story posts- the idea is the same for your business.
Samples of out of story posts for the takeover- still the human side of the store but on brand human side.

Follow Link Below to an example of a full employee profile piece: Once again you feature a good brand appropriate photo on the feed and then link in the profile for a full story. With stories that are a bit bigger such as this a good way to look at your social media so that it makes sense and works together is as follows...

  1. Twitter: Headline- Tease your story and link to either your blog or posting of story on Facebook
  2. Instagram- The Visual Tease- gives a bit more than the headline but not the full story (link in profile)
  3. Facebook and/or LinkedIn- The deeper dive- a fuller story or the complete story depending on how you want or need to post

JRH Graphics is available to help put these stories together- as a Social Media client, this is included in packages from silver and up.. For Basic to silver level clients the service is available for a discounted rate of $59/hr (most profiles require 2 hours work. Non-social media clients profiles are $79.00/hr.

This is the 20% of the 80/20 formula for social media and these are your promotional posts. It is essential to not exceed the 20% mark once you do you have the potential to lose followers and be perceived and not being an educator and expert but instead simply a salesperson! Make sure to feature different promos on the varying social media so each customer base gets a special feel. What are your new or featured products, are you offering new services etc. What events are you going to be at? Don't overdue it selling yourself! Here is another great place to highlight the different services that you offer and explain what they are.

I know it is hard to not focus on this we are after-all on social media to get followers but its not a quick fix it takes hard work, dedication and follow up everyday to build your brand and gain the recognition but the hard way is the best long game. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy!

Have a theme and solid standards for these posts, stick to your brand but be creative how can you frame pictures so that they are unique and stick out on social media how are you different from competitors and how can you highlight that? I have seen a furniture company that only features images of its furniture taken outside, another only upside down which is bizarre but it stands out!

So there are your 6 types of posts for social media that you will look to do, you will keep in mind the 80/20 rule and work to get all 9 essential posts incorporated! See it is just that simple!
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