Double Victory The struggles of women and asian american during world war II


  • Contributed a lot to the war efforts
  • Fought for the same education rights and freedom
  • Struggled against system of domination and exploitation
  • Low paying jobs


  • White women were treated better than Asian women
  • Japanese Americans were put into interment camps
  • Asian Americans were blamed for the war in the Pacific




How were they treated:

Unfair, unequally

Low wages

How did they respond?


Go to school (education)

Get a job

did they contribute anything to the cause of the war?

No, the war was caused by Hitler and the Japanese, not by women

analysis - opinion - reaction

Women deserved better treatment. They had significant contribution to the war effort like producing weapons, ammunition, clothing, and also became nurses on the war front.

Asian americans


"We demand equal treatment!"

how were they treated?

Japanese were put into internment camps

Asian Americans were not considered US citizens

How did they respond?


Formed civil organizations to fight for equality

did they contributed anything to the cause of the war?

No, Asian Americans were in the minority group and were being discriminated so they were not the ones that caused the war. They were the victims of the war.

Analysis - Opinion - reaction

Asian Americans did nothing wrong to be treated like this. Japanese Americans had nothing to do with the war in the Pacific, yet they were put into internment camps and were seen as major threats to the country. Many Asian Americans joined the army and helped a lot on the road to victory of the US.

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