T.E. Ross, Jr.

Author | Q.A.I. Metaphysicist

The Six of Us

Wrapped in a metaphysical thriller, the books, series, and point of US6 is the need for its six fictional authors to create their epic, yet imaginary world in the first place. As reaction to lives in human trafficking networks, these six children build a Paracosm wherein they are sophisticated, mythological heirs to an ancient world of intrigue and esoteric high crimes.

Former Producer and host of “Unearthed with Tom Ross”​ taped in Los Angeles and simulcast to participating universities, Private Sector Co-Chair nominee for a US House of Representatives’​ Media and Technology Policy Subcommittee, Governor-Appointed Member of a California Consumer Affairs Board, National Creative Director for one of the largest broadcasters in America, Author of the US6 Hexology and TEDx Talker on Strategic Inclusivity but not necess… wait… actually, yes… necessarily in that order.




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