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"Tom is an incredibly talented creative whose works imbue peace and awareness."

Arun Gandhi

As national creative director for entercom* i produced over 1000 TV spots, sales videos & training films.

Earlier in my career, I designed creative assets for namedrops like...

IBM, Microsoft, Disney, & Styx

The above video captures the creative ethos, collaborative systems and internal morale-building tactics I used in my tenure as National Creative Director at Entercom between 2002 and 2018.

I've created hundreds of Broadcast Brands.

Tom Ross logos in the wild.

In 2013 I was invited to share one of my Creative Direction tactics for Group Ideation. The talk was called "Open Source Mode" and discusses how using the tenets of Open Source Code makes a group more creative and coalesced.

I was asked by Sir Bob Geldof and Dr.Phil Harrington to help visually launch their international indie musicians' network.

US6TV is a community effort to prepare citizens for paradigm-breaking news.

www.tomross.com 202.909.3745 tomross7@gmail.com

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