Gator walk Places to study by a dedicated student Jessica butler

Every college student needs to study. No matter what your major is, especially at UF, exams are hard and material needs to be reviewed. As an avid studier myself, I have explored all and every studying venue that UF has to offer its students. I was not disappointed. Depending on what type of setting you enjoy studying in, UF has a place for you. Join me as I take a walk through all of the venues UF has to offer.

UF Library West
UF Marston Science and UF Norman Library

As you start your stroll through the University of Florida's campus there are many useful, academic buildings. The University of Florida has a plethora of libraries to choose from, the typical place for a student to study. Depending on your noise or social preference, each library floor has a different sound level that is acceptable. If you prefer a quiet, non-crowded place to study, maybe try the 4th floor of the Marston Science library. If you enjoy studying in groups, and can tolerate a louder setting, maybe the 2nd floor of Library West is your place. These libraries provide everything you need to stay up all night with your notes, even a starbucks to keep you alive all night.

Tridelta Alpha Psi uftridelta study rooms

Many of the students at the University of Florida are involved in extracurriculars. A lot of these organizations have houses, or meeting-places, that people of these organizations can utilize for study, meetings and etc. 15% of students who attend UF are involved in Greek Life. These organizations have houses that you can study in quietly, and with people that you know, making it a good resource for socialization and academic activities. If you continue your walk down to sorority or fraternity row you will see all of the greek houses that the University of Florida has to offer. Personally I make a daily trip to my own sorority, Delta Delta Delta, to spend some quiet time on my studies. Shown here is specifically one of the greek house study rooms, Tridelta Alpha Psi.

Simple Basic - search by image English Language Institute - University of Florida - Search by image

Another thing at the University of Florida that is unique is the outside study space. Due to the fact that florida's climate is so amicable, not possessing much extreme weather conditions, students are able to take advantage of this study space year-round. Often students can be seen hanging in hammocks, or sitting at picnic tables around campus. Common places to hang out are venues with a good view of nature, like Lake Alice, or in the hub of excitement, like where the Plaza of Americas is located. Because the University is familiar with the fact that students enjoy going outside every once in a while the campus has purchased many picnic tables located in free spaces all across campus. No matter what space or to what building you walk to throughout the day you can always catch a glimpse of students working hard, all while enjoying the sunshine.

(picture 1) (picture 2)

The campus of the University of Florida is crowded by classroom buildings, brick buildings of enormous size that not only provide teaching spaces. Every major at the University of Florida is assigned a separate college. Some examples include Heavener, the college of business, the Herbert Wertheim college of engineering, and even the Fisher school of Accounting. All of these colleges have study areas accessible to the students that attend these specific college subdivisions of the University of Florida. When studying here, students are surrounded by peers taking similar classes as them, usually older students who have experience in their field of study. These colleges and areas can be used to the students great advantage while studying ad finishing their schoolwork. These are just some of the useful resources that the University of Flordia provides to its students.

(reitz outside view) (rietz inside view)

The Retiz Union is located in the middle of the UF campus and is a hub of activity. The Reitz Union is the home of many useful student resources such as a career center, tour guides, and helpful students who can assist you in navigating the campus. It even includes a large lake housing our very own "gator" in the back of the building. Recently renovated, the Reitz provides many study places for the student all while he/she has access to a food court, bookstore and scenery. The Reitz provides an innovative and inspiring environment for students to spend time while working on class work. If you enjoy being surrounded by activity and other students, this is an active venue to study at.

(infinity outside view) (Jennings inside view) (Murphy inside view)

Freshman usually live in dorms for their first year on campus. Mainly located in the heart of campus, these facilities are specially designed and intended for student use. They naturally accommodate the main thing that students do, study. Each dorm hall is equipped with a designated study area, available to the residential students. There are many residential halls located across campus, in convienient locations so it is easy to stop by between classes. I have included sample pics of some of these facilities and their study areas.

(pic 1) (pic 2) (pic 3)

The University of Florida provides many areas and opportunities for students to study on campus. UF also provides their students with many means to have resources accessible to aid them in their studying. As you can see by walking around campus, the amount of places there are to study is endless. Whether you want to be outside and enjoy the cool breeze, or be locked away in a quiet space, this University provides you with countless options. As we took this walk through campus, I hope that you were able to recognize all of the resources that the University of Florida has to offer its students.

bibliography: google images. (cover picture of girl studying)

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