Craftland Japan will be published in spring 2020. This book provides an insight into the fascinating microcosm of contemporary Japanese artisanal craftsmanship featuring portraits of twenty-five makers, their workshops, processes and objects.

The most exciting perspective in the workshop of a Japanese master craftsperson is that of an apprentice: observing with curiosity, realizing the intense concentration and care, and feeling deep joy in understanding correlations. In Japan today, there still exists a remarkable variety of craft industries and distinctive styles.

For this project, Uwe Röttgen and Katharina Zettl have set out for a journey across the country to visit and portray twenty-five of the numerous small companies, established family workshops as well as independent craftspeople, artisanal designers and artists.

Design, text and photography © 2020 Uwe Röttgen and Katharina Zettl

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