My capstone project is an app that focuses on helping people sleep easier using ASMR.

Millions of people struggle with sleeping disorders and this age group is often overlooked or forgotten about. It is extremely important to focus on this younger age group especially with todays hardships.

In the world now, people are consuming more negativity and general stresses which can cause many negative effects. Sleep is an extremely important part of a person’s help and can also affect someone’s overall quality of life.

In the survey I conducted 88% claimed to have trouble falling asleep. With many of them struggling with VCE, University and work stresses. At this stage in their life's they'd be at a higher and more difficult stage of education. Which can occupy the majority of their sleeping problems.

When asked if they knew what ASMR is, less then half knew what the true meaning was. Many claiming it was "annoying sounds" or "wired noise stuff".

My aim is to create something that won’t feel like “therapy” but be therapeutic to the young target audience.

ASMR is still quite new and since no everyone can experience it, it can be extremely hard to communicate properly. Which is why illustration and abstract shapes will be a crucial part of my capstone.

When developing my brand elements I tried to find key words, triggers and symbols that related to ASMR and its meaning.

Branding Outcome

My Deliverables

Here is my Haven app design, I created a light and dark mode for the user.

The care package box design has a simple design on the outside, including the logo and using a light creme colour.

Whereas the inside of the box relates back to the dark mode displayed in the app design.

My earphones packaging was designed as a lotus style box. To reinforce the calming message of Haven. As a classic style box became too sharp for my branding.

I again used the light and dark mode colours for this design.

My bed sock tags were designed in a blue and green style, which would represent the colour of the socks. I embraced the use of negative space with these designs and let the logo speak for itself.

'Sample socks used in mockup'

I also designed a ASMR definition card. To be used for advertising and placed in each care package parcel.

The lavender spray label was designed to pair with the bed socks. I kept the design simplistic as to not overwhelm the viewer with lots of text and illustration.

The Haven stickers would be used for advertising and handing around populated areas. They would be a deliverable to help create a wider community for Haven.

Thank you